Everyone wants to have a strong will. However, willpower is a limited resource. Before we learn how to increase willpower, we need to understand what willpower is and how to take advantage of the power of will from the subconscious mind.

What’s willpower?

Have you ever felt regret about the things you have not done yet? Or feeling like you’re wasting your time on Facebook but still can’t quit? Have you ever set up a lot of plans but not complete anything yet? All of these thoughts are related to loss of willpower. So what is willpower that affects our lives too much?

James Russell Miller, The Beauty of Self-Control, 1911 said:

“Self-control is self-mastery. It is the king of all life. Staying at the heart of you, makes you feel comfortable. Your chair must be the throne. If you cannot control yourself, if there is any strength in your human nature that you are stubborn, not admitting your dominance, then you are not the king you should be. A part of your kingdom is rebelling. The power of your life is being split. A strong person is someone on whom his whole depend.”

Like many other great truths, we are easy to forget the importance of willpower over time but then rediscover and modify it.

Why do we lose willpower?

Psychologists always look for the connection between willpower and human life. Although there are many different points of view, all views are in common: willpower brings happiness, health, and success.

However, many people today fall into a state of losing will and motivation. This comes from the following 3 main reasons:

  1. Subjective causes: personal character (not progressive, unambitious, lazy, pessimism, etc) or negative changes in physical and mental issue (illness, lack of care, unhappiness, etc)
  2. Objective causes: external factors such as family, friends, school, and society negatively affect you which leads to loss of will.

3 ways to increase the power of will from your subconscious

I believe 3 ways as the following will help you increase your will from the subconscious:

1. Sleep

The more you sleep, the stronger you will be, at least in terms of willpower.

When you don’t get enough sleep, the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain you use to generate willpower) is most affected. When you’re tired, your brain cells are not able to efficiently absorb glucose – the brain’s fuel. That means you lose the power of your will.

Your brain will realize that it does not get enough glucose, and will immediately create cravings for caffeine to replenish its fuel. That’s why you can see many cups of coffee in companies. The workers’ brains need refueling!

In general, those who lack sleep certainly will not have a rich will.

2. Focus on consistency, not intensity

Most of us do the wrong way. Instead of simply eating a healthy breakfast each morning, we eat whatever we want. Then, we plan a very strict diet to lose weight!

To be a will-rich person, you have to have patience and perseverance. Don’t try to accomplish big goals in a short time. Just changing a daily behavior that will bring about the expected results for the same time. Then, do it every day consistently.

3. Meditation

Meditation is the most effective way to become will-rich. By practicing meditation, you train your brain to focus and resist wandering thoughts. Research shows that after only 2-3 days of meditating for 10 minutes, your brain will be able to focus better. Therefore, you will have more energy.

We spend 47% of our lives thinking about the past or what we will do in the future. But we spend very little time with a relaxed mind, focused on what we are doing right now. So, you can begin with some meditation programs to raise your will.

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Thank you for reading. Hope you have a good day!



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