Many of the mysteries about the dream remain unanswered. However, scientists have been able to explain why some people remember their subconscious dreams better than others.

For many people, dreams are a living fantasy world. There, everything happens without following a logical and explicable rule. Many people prefer to sleep even more because they like the adventure and infinite experiences they can do in their dreams.

what is meaning your subconscious dreams
what is meaning your subconscious dreams?

A 2015 survey found that 1 in 250 people never remember what happened in their dreams. So what is the difference between them and those who can recall their dreams? Can the brain stop making dreams while we sleep? And what is meaning your subconscious dreamsis it true that people who cannot recall dreams are having problems with their brain function?

Dreaming is a magical experience

The truth is that almost everyone dreams when they are sleeping. Dreams can help us solve problems, rediscover our memories, and regulate our emotions. If we can remember our dreams, we can do extraordinary things. However, if you forget what you dreamed, scientists think it is a normal phenomenon. Your brain is healthy and functioning normally.

Dreams are the place where many people’s wishes are expressed

The normal rule is that our memories about dreams will fade very quickly. When we wake up, decoding the dream will become even more difficult. A sudden sound from the alarm clock is enough to shatter all the dream memories you have just had. But some people are better able to remember what they dream. Although science has not been able to explain the elements needed to remember dreams, it is believed that brain activity, individual personality, and the nature of subconscious dreams play an important role.

Personality differences

Dreamers tend to deal with anxiety more than usual. At the same time, they are also more creative and enjoy the experience. They have a more artistic soul than the undreamers. Many things that happen in their real life can affect what they dream.

At the same time, your personality is also capable of influencing your thoughts and opinions about subconscious dreams. Those who like logic and scientific analysis are not interested in dreams. It’s no coincidence that people particularly interested in dreams will be more likely to recall them than usual.

Ability to concentrate

The personality differences between the dreamer and the realist also partly stem from a brain trait. When we are sleepy, the brain switches to its default mode, allowing the mind to wander. This is when we think about the past or the future, but also when we are dreamy or dreaming while we sleep.

your subconscious dreams related to the ability to concentrate
your subconscious dreams related to the ability to concentrate

For dreamers, the default mode is often easier to activate and connect with both while they are awake and sleepy. This sharp connection and activation can help them remember dreams better. But this also makes their ability to focus worse when they are awake. At work, if the mind is always on the cloud, you cannot complete the tasks.

The depth of sleep

If you have shallow naps, it is also easier to recall dreams. You will be easily awakened by sound during sleep. As a result, a dreamer will be more likely to wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes, find it difficult to fall back to sleep. This alertness is also an important factor in forming memory. Just a moment when you wake up, one to two minutes, is enough to form long-term memory for you.

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