When did hypnosis exist? Who invented hypnosis? Actually hypnosis has appeared since the presence of humans (the dreamtime).

Franz Anton Mesmer is an Austrian Physician who invented hypnosis.

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815), an Austrian physician, formulated a theory that he called ‘animal magnetism. It means ‘the electromagnetic field of animals’. Nowadays, we called it ‘electromagnetism’. Electricity is the magnet’s electricity. Then he changed to the name ‘Mesmerism’. He said that the disease is caused by invisible currents in the body that already have the electromagnetic field. It suddenly cut off or out of balance by the impact of gravity from the moving planets in space .

Who invented hypnosis?
Many doctors and phsychologists use hypnosis today to treat the mental diseases for the patient.

Franz Anton Mesmer who invented hypnosis had work very hard through a long process.

In 1778, Franz Anton Mesmer went to Paris to teach and practice. The medical professor at that time thought he was deceitful. They formed a council to study the therapies of Mesmer and his followers. Then they conclude that the ‘invisible magnetic flow’ is not real. They explain that the reason patients feel cured is just their imagination. But reality is different.

Marquis De Puyseger, a ‘follower’ of Mesmer, discovered a “trance state” that he calls ‘Dreaming’. Many scholars translate it “sleepwalking”. In fact, sleepwalking is a different state. He did not mention a state of crisis in treating patients like Mesmer but discovered a state of deep relaxation. The word ‘”Somnabulism” is the deepest state of the three trance states in hypnosis. The first two were mild ecstasy and deep ecstasy.

The hypnotic sleep is a psychophysiological reaction of the hypnotized subject .

In the mid-19th century, a Scottish doctor, James Braid, was also an electricalist at first. He analyzed the difference between hypnosis and sleep. Hypnosis is not all about sleep, but intense concentration in a state of deep relaxation. Hypnosis is a bit like ‘a fluttering sleep’. Fatigue from being too focused on a bright, moving object caused hypnosis. The hypnotic sleep is a psychophysiological reaction of the subject being hypnotized. But the hypnotist does not have any supernatural powers.

Result of his research.

He underwent many experiments and completely rejected the theory that hypnosis relates to the mysterious flow. Perhaps most significant contribution to the field of hypnosis was the realization of hypnosis as a state that can be seriously and scientifically studied. He has been successful in many therapies for paralysis, rheumatism and mute. He is also concerned with the psychological problem of crisis and fear.

Hypnosis is very useful in psychological treatment.

In the 1950s, both the American and British medical councils recognized hypnosis as an effective treatment for medical and dental applications.
Today, criminal cases sometimes use hypnosis. During a crisis, the victim often cannot remember anything. But with hypnosis technology will recall every minute details such as the license plate, features on the face of the perpetrator, etc. Everything seemed to be played back subconsciously and the victim relived the same feelings of terror, fear, and anxiety as at that time.

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