What to do if you don’t go to college?

If you don’t go to college, you learn something else. However, living in this world is bound to learn and have knowledge.

Going to school is still better. Here are my suggestions.

Going to college or not, which is the form
It is essential that you have a continuous learning mindset.

What to do if you don’t go to college?

You need to have a learning mindset.

My suggestions:

Learn to be human before college and live with ordinary dogma.

Be deferential to teacher and respected for moral, demand, open-minded and eagerness to learn, progressive with talented people => that is morality. Nowadays, people call those things MENTOR. If you have a good MENTOR, you will become useful people. Your parents can also be good MENTORS.

  • Every month or three months job-hopping with simple jobs (depending on you) such as street vendor, clothing sales, calving, etc. However, you must have intellectual growth.

Intellectual growth is the most important growth. You work with the gray matter or work with hands. When you step up life, you stumble, and you can break. However, don’t let yourself be fragile because the impact without breaking you will be more mature.

Learn to communicate, learn how to behave when falling into adversity.

There’s more…

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