The subconscious has a great influence on each of our emotions and behaviors. Nonetheless, until now, many people often underestimate subconscious behaviors and thoughts. Instead, people emphasize the role of consciousness, which generates the brain’s critical thinking. In fact, the subconscious is a thoughtful potential layer underneath the consciousness. It includes all the perceptions, thoughts, and memories that the conscious mind cannot perceive. When we reach the subconscious, the brain will function much more efficiently, and that helps a lot in everyday life.

Subconscious mind is the realm for memories

The human subconscious is a treasure trove of memories that are difficult to remember normally. Its storage capacity is unlimited. The subconscious permanently lingers on basically everything that happens in your life.

The role of subconscious behavior
The role of subconscious behavior

By using therapies such as hypnosis, even the elderly can clearly recall events that happened many years ago. The basic function of the subconscious is to store and retrieve information about life. Your subconscious behaviors make you react to external influences consistently with your own concept.

Our subconscious mind submits to our conscious mind

The subconscious operates subjectively, with the way of thinking and interpretation dependent on the commands it receives from consciousness. Thus, the consciousness gives orders and subconsciously submits. The subconscious never questioned consciousness or conflicts with consciousness. It works day and night and ensures your behavior and habits don’t go against your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. That means your subconscious can be useful or unhelpful, depending on how you seed your feelings and thoughts out of consciousness.

The subconscious ensures balance

Another descriptive concept of the subconscious that we should know, is homeostasis. This means that the body’s internal environment is in balance, just like our temperature is always 37 ° C, we breathe evenly, and pulse at a regular rate.

Through the control of the nervous system, all activities that take place inside our body are always in balance. All the organs of the body keep their functions in a harmonious unity. The subconscious works likewise. It ensures your thoughts and actions are consistent with what you have thought and done in the past.

Subconscious behavior helps to ensure physical balance
Subconscious behavior helps to ensure physical balance

The subconscious is a comfort zone

As mentioned above, the subconscious holds all of your thoughts and actions, as well as your habits. It remembers and identifies how you are most comfortable, and works to help you get there. If you want to make a change, but the passion is not strong enough to tap into the subconscious, you will possibly fail to get it.

Your subconscious makes you feel restless, physically and mentally unstable, every time you want to do something different or new. It is reactive against the changes you want to make with your actions and thoughts.

You will see clearly that every time you want to try a new experience, your subconscious behaviors tend to push you back into the comfort zone. Even if the change occurs only in your thoughts, you will feel tense and nervous. However, the secret to your success is finding a way out of your comfort zone.

So, in order to grow up and get out of your comfort zone, you need to be ready to face and endure uncomfortable feelings when doing new things. Getting used to change will create a new comfort zone for you, adapting to higher capacities. Let us help you make a difference with our amazing app Resumind.

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