You have heard much about the subconscious, but do you know the true power of the subconscious? If you can control your subconscious, you will focus on work, achieve success, and master yourself. When we learn more about the subconscious, they break down into the personal and collective subconscious, so what’s the difference between them? Please follow this article.

Jungian Perspective

According to the psychologist, Carl Jung, he had initial ideas about the difference between personal and collective subconscious. Unlike a “hive mind”, Collective Subconscious is built on a set of actions or responses to everyday situations. The Collective Subconscious gives us habits and responds to battles, or allows us to take a break from doing familiar everyday actions.

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Jung had initial ideas

The personal subconscious is noticeably different. Our Personal subconscious is made up of the actions, thoughts, and beliefs we experience every day. All of the above happens unconsciously that you can hardly influence. The personal subconscious is not the same as the Collective unconscious, they use information gathered from one person but not from the whole of humanity.

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Role of Personal subconscious

Without a Personal subconscious, you will no longer be yourself and lose what you want to be. Man is always dependent on the unconscious mind to survive in life. Through time to learn and mature, we will develop the mind and conscious mind to go everywhere.

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The personal subconscious helps us evolve and reach the outside world

Our personal subconscious helps us evolve and reach the outside world from our own unique perspectives. For example, if a person receives information unconsciously through analysis, they will not be strong at sensing emotion. Their personalities are also heavily influenced in an inward manner.

Others may think emotionally as they approach the world around them and develop distinct intuitions. They will develop a thinking based on circumstances rather than an emotional approach to similar situations.

The personal subconscious always exists on distinct levels and interact with each other. They work with our consciousness and gather information into our unconscious. From there, each person becomes a separate individual, such as a good employee, a good colleague, or a good leader.

The Effects of Collective Subconscious

Collective Subconscious is also very important. Collective Subconscious’s biggest difference is the process of accumulating years through historical events. They are like common human instincts, we recognize dangers and seek shelter. Or you may panic or tremble in the face of your fear.

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Collective Subconscious is also very important

Collective unconscious allows us to make the right decisions and quickly. Most of us don’t know where the instinctive actions from Collective the Subconscious come from. However, they dominate intuition and create reflexes for people with specific situations.


Jung’s perspective has opened up new worlds of the personal and collective subconscious. The analysis of the psychology and personality of each person helps us to better understand ourselves.

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