What is superconsciouness and how to develop it?

So how many minds do we have? Semantically speaking, each of us has only one mind. But it consists of three parts: consciousness, subconscious mind and superconscious ness. The first two ones lie within us but the superconscious is not. It is the outer kind of mind. Let’s explore more about the most complicated part of our mind named the superconscious.
What is the definition of superconsciousness?
Superconsciousness is the emotional activity of human psychology activated to solve complex life and creative tasks; along with the subconscious is an unconscious process of psychology. Superconsciousness manifests in creative aspects, in the form of constructing new philosophical forms, worldviews, activities of higher manifestations of the realms of consciousness such as society, values, and awareness. This is all evolved mankind has: intuition, subclinical ability, insight. The action of the superconscious is aimed at creative manifestations, intentions, hypotheses, intuitions. The work of the superconscious mind is of an emotional nature and is intended to satisfy and address major practical emotional needs and tasks

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The superconscious is the part in the mind

What is superconsciounesss and how to develop it: The development of superconsciousness

The uniqueness of the superconscious nature leads to the idea that only gifted or talented people tend to use it. It should be noted that the superconscious is present in all people, and the function of it is not related to the degree of giftedness with the talent or the amount of knowledge gained. The activity and expression of the superconscious are not static and constant constants, it can be realized or multi-vector in nature, the superconscious can be developed if you understand the functions that it makes.
The functions of the superconscious are made according to two main directions, such as self-knowledge of personality and adjustment of its direction of action. Functions performed are reinterpreting existing experiences, seeking the relationship between one’s current outside world and one’s internal right to make decision, reassessing old experiences and formulating new concepts, adjusting activities and implementing new forms of existence, self-renewal, self-change.

How to develop superconsciousness?
How to develop superconsciousness?

What is superconsciouness and how to develop it: How to develop superconsciousness
Perhaps the most effective way for the development and training of the superconscious is a children’s game with its own purpose and value, aimed at solving creative problems, driven by the need for knowledge. In creative activity there are four components: the subject’s experience and previous generations, the superconscious and intuition, the sense of checking the ideas that have arisen, and the process of editing the results in memory.
The best way to train the superconscious is considered a childish game, with no realistic or social goals for its achievement, the process of the game itself ends to satisfy maximum demand of development, knowledge and creative problem solving. It is the cognitive desire for the sake of perception, with the positive and dominant interest, that children have a unique ability to invent new worlds and realities, to imagine and actually live in this world and new concepts, immersed in the perception of reality.
As you get older, the game dynamics are replaced by more important things, but the mechanics remain the same. An example often given to military pilots who showed the best possible results accurately in competitive gambling with an enemy (but not aggression or fear).
Superconsciousness is facilitated by a lack of information when there is no way to rely on the obtained data, and there is an important need to generate new data.

Human head and brain. Different kind of waveforms produced by brain activity shown on background. Digital illustration.

In short, in order to improve the function of the superconscious mind, there is a need to dominate, it will have real emotional significance to the individual, high level of cognitive activity, calm state or emotional enthusiasm, reducing the level of critical perception of the world.

What is superconsciouness and how to develop it?