There are a lot of ways people dream, with some not dreaming at all. Some people have happy, vivid dreams, while some have dark, scary nightmares. All of these are associated with our subconscious mind. So what do they mean to one individual?

What do subconscious dreams mean?
What do subconscious dreams mean?

Dreams reveal innermost thoughts and emotions

Subconscious dreams are vastly more complex than that, and if you’ve got a theory that explains them, have at it.

Relating to the article Do dreams have meaning? a useful function of dreaming is problem-solving, as the sleeping brain continues to work on jobs the waking mind handled during the day. They also appear to be strictly wish-fulfillment. Dreams about flying may represent a desire for freedom. Dreams about finding new rooms in your home may express a desire for opportunity or novelty.

Most importantly, your dreams convey your most deeply guarded secrets or they might give you some hidden hints about inherent dangers. Most often than not, your dreams reveal what is happening in your life right now.

Dreams reveal innermost thoughts and emotions
Dreams reveal innermost thoughts and emotions

You may even have an instinct that something bad will happen in the near future in your dreams. More powerfully, some people have the uncanny ability to foresee events of the future in their dreams. But why most people don’t experience it, is because we forget most of our dreams(80%).

While many may neglect or underestimate their dreams or view them as random firings of their subconscious, dreams do indeed possess significant meaning.  Your nightly reveries accurately portray your deepest thoughts and feelings.  Emotions are amplified in dreams, and people are driven into a more uninhibited state of mind. 

Some dreams indicate repressed wishes and desires that go unfulfilled.  By submerging into an unfulfilled wish, dreams create scenarios to show people what they truly want.  Much of the time people are not fully in touch with their own deepest feelings and desires.  Dreams can depict a possible outcome, which signals the conscious mind of the dreamer to take action on behalf of real yearnings.  On the other hand, nightmares can be telling of inner demons; in turn, you can reflect inward to try to solve your problems.

In addition to affecting mood, dreams can indicate a future event.  Essentially, a dreaming state is a type of virtual reality.  Thus, time is irrelevant, meaning that there is no past, present, or future; there simply is.  As the body’s natural intuitiveness is reached during a dreaming state, people can develop premonitions with some aspect of truth.

What Subconscious Dreams Mean to You

Dream dictionaries, available both in print and online, will give an interpretation for everything from A to Z. Most people who study dreams, however, consider them relatively useless. “If I was burning books, I would burn them first,” Moss says. “We recognize universal symbols and archetypes but dreaming is so richly individual. We must encourage the dreamers to seek their own meaning.”

Many people come to Moss’s workshops because they’ve had a dream that they see as some kind of wake-up call. It’s often a dream involving some critical passage of life — a birth, a death, the loss of a job.

Even the smallest snippets of a dream can lead to big revelations. “Most cultures have valued dreams because dreams show the future. They’re not only prophetic; they give us the information we can use to change the future for the better,” Moss says. “If they do reflect challenging situations, they give us the means to deal with them so we can take timely action to head off more disastrous consequences. Dreams put us in touch with sources that are deeper than the ordinary mind. It’s one way of accessing a deeper source of wisdom.”

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