T. Harv Eker said in “Secret of the millionaire mind”: “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy FREEDOM: freedom of choice, to be able to do what you enjoy doing and not be forced to do things just because you need ’the money.” To achieve that freedom, we need to implement his system, which is the amazing 6 different jars.

6 different jars

What are 6 different jars called?

The system basically requires you to divide your money into 6 different jars, each of which takes up different percentages of your income and serves for separate reasons, specifically:

Jar 1: Necessities (NEC – 55%)

This is the money that you will spend on, relatively speaking, living: the cost of utilities, food, inexpensive clothing, transportation, mobile communications, etc.

According to the method of jars, 55% of family or personal incomes are enough for this item of expenditure. I suppose that many now have bewilderment: “How! For us and 100% are not enough for a normal life! And here only 55%! It is impossible and unreal!”.

In this case, I advise you to calm down… First, much of what you include in the necessary spending will go to the next jars. Secondly, if you always spend 100% of your earnings – you can never improve your financial situation (this can only be done if you spend less than you earn, and nothing else).

Jar 2: Financial Freedom (FFA – 10%)

This jar is for your financial freedom. Each month put 10% of your income in this jar. The money you put in this jar can be used to invest, start a business, create a passive income stream, etc.

This jar is used for building wealth for your future financial freedom. You must never spend this money.

Jar 3: Long-term Savings (LTS – 10%)

10% of your income goes into the 2nd jar which is called long Term Savings for Spending (LTS). The purpose of this jar is to save money for future expenses (e.g. a new car, a big TV screen, vacation, furniture). You can make money from this jar to pay out debts or for buying gifts, but you may never take money from the 1st jar!

Jar 4: Education (EDU – 10%)

Money in this jar is meant to further your education and personal growth. Since you are your most valuable asset, an investment in yourself is a great way to use your money. I have used education money to purchase books, CDs, courses, or anything else that has educational value.

Jar 5: Play (PLY – 10%)

PLAY money is spent every month on purchases you wouldn’t normally make. The purpose of this jar is to nurture yourself. You could purchase an expensive bottle of wine at dinner, get a massage or go on a weekend getaway. Play can be anything your heart desires. My wife and I each receive our own play money, and here’s the best part. We’re not allowed to ask what the other person spends their money on.

Jar 6: Give (GIV – 5%)

10% of your income goes into the Give (GIV) jar. However poor your circumstances may be, there will always be someone who is in an even more dire state. Besides the feel-good factor of helping others, giving away part of your income also helps you to subconsciously develop the wealth-mentality that you have more than enough to give away.

How to implement this system?

First of all, you need to know your percentages. You can easily create your own simple 6 Jars Excel file where you just need to enter your monthly income and the amount of money you need to put in each of the 6 jars will be calculated automatically. You also added another sheet where you can track how much money you spend daily and what was the purpose (FFA, LTSS, EDUC, NEC, PLAY or GIVE). Analyzing your spending habits is crucial for improving your financial situation!

Some people implemented this system by creating 6 separate bank accounts or they just use 6 physical container jars, and it’s important that you label them. Instead of money jars, you can also create envelopes.

You need to figure out what way of implementing will work best for you. If you are unsure, you can start by using our app 6 Jars Money Management (6JMM) to track your monthly expenses for one month and in meantime, you can decide the best way for you.

6JMM app: 6 Jars Money Management App


By implementing this system you will become a good money manager and you will save yourself a lot of stress, worries, and even relationship problems caused by arguments over financial issues.

Start your journey to Financial Freedom now by downloading the 6JMM app and have a great experience there!

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