It is undeniable that people usually fall into subconscious habits without knowing as it takes the duty of almost all of our daily activities. Have you ever noticed that we take for granted that funny things make us yell out spastically also known as laughing and that we spend one-third of every day in sleep? That’s because of the subconscious mind. Linking to part 1, we provide you with 5 more activities you do subconsciously below:   

Activities humans do subconsciously

Weird activities people do subconsciously:  Scroll social media

1. Scroll social media

In such a modern and developing era, this subconscious habit is becoming more and more common among citizens, especially teenagers. It occurs when you watch endless plenty of random commercials, advertisements nonstop. You just scroll down your feed watching every video, image, or an endless stream of Youtube videos and other mindless entertainment. The more engaging the content, the more you’ll keep on watching. Before you know it, you have spent some valuable time you planned on using for other important things.

Conclusively, being guilty of these unconscious habits doesn’t mean you have a problem. They are totally normal. It happens to almost everyone. Additionally, another surprisingly powerful influence on what we do comes from environmental cues that unconsciously trigger behaviors without us realizing it. This is the behavior of others.

Sometimes it can be quite contagious, and we can catch it through our daily contact with other people, and even through social media.

2. Prefer one hand to another

Having two hands with incredible skills is fortunate for humans, however, one tends to use just one of these appendages for several different tasks. Though two hands have the same functions, you have a dominant hand, which bases on the theory of the brain hemisphere. Specifically, The left brain hemisphere also happens to control the right side of the body. It’s possible that the extra wiring in this part of the brain is behind the dominance of the right side of the body in right-handed people.

3. Lie

Surprisingly lying is also one of the things that we do subconsciously every day. Here’s a lesson you’ve probably learned on plenty of occasions: People lie. We do it for many reasons but everybody lies sometimes. And we’d be lying if we said we knew why.

The truth is that scientists aren’t sure why humans tell lies, but they do know that lying is common and that likely relates to several psychological factors. Foremost among these factors is self-esteem. It’s explainable that when a person’s self-esteem is threatened, he or she will “immediately begin to lie at higher levels.”

In other words, people often lie to make social situations easier. This might mean telling a lie to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings or to avoid a disagreement.

4. Get bored

Everybody gets bored sometimes. But, if you really think about it, feelings of boredom are pretty strange. After all, there’s a whole wide world full of stuff to do. How could humans ever lack something to keep us occupied?

It turns out that boredom isn’t really about keeping busy. Boredom stems from an objective lack of neurological excitement, which brings about a subjective psychological state of dissatisfaction, frustration, or disinterest, according to researchers who study this yawn-inducing subject.

5. Cry

Among all animals, humans are alone cry tears of emotion. Tears are when sadness is odd enough for water to spill from our eyes. Not only do they serve the purpose of communicating feelings of distress, but tears also carry certain undesirable hormones and other proteins that are produced during periods of stress out of the body.

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