Surely in life, everyone has their own fatigue, be it family, work, or study. Fatigue does not spare anyone from children to the elderly. Therefore, here I would like to introduce ways to relieve fatigue with APP RESUMIND.

What causes fatigue? 

There are 3 main reasons why we feel tired:

Fatigue due to nerve compression, weakness.

You will always feel sad, depressed, desireless, even bored with life. Stress, constant happenings, bittersweet emotions. Also, thinking and worrying about things like earn money make the mind more stressed and depressed. Sleep is no longer carefree and peaceful but tossing and turning, dreaming.

Fatigue due to illness.

You should know that all diseases from simple like the flu to as dangerous as cancer make people tired. Fatigue and shortness of breath occurring on exertion are often due to cardiovascular or respiratory disease (chronic bronchopulmonary disease). If the body loses weight quickly, it may be due to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, endocrine diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism. Besides, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, or malnutrition are also causes of fatigue.

Unhealthy habits and lifestyle.

Drinking a lot of alcohol, using stimulant products, eating a lot of indigestion or fasting will also make the body tired. Overwork, instead of working 8 hours you try to work overtime, spend more time working. When lonely, sad things happen or people who are addicted to playing games all night and all morning make the body more and more debilitated.

The effects of prolonged fatigue:

Prolonged fatigue causes a feeling of inhibition to the body. This makes you always in a state of stagnation, even breathing does not want to.

Prolonged fatigue, which can cause psychological symptoms similar to stress:

Expressions of emotions:

  • I– Feeling sad.
  • – Always feeling anxious or stressed.
  • – Feeling uncomfortable with everything in life.
  • – Having thoughts of losing self-worth.
  • – Feeling depressed, lethargic.

The manifestations in behavior when tired:

  • – Be unreasonable in your decision.
  • I– Feeling dizzy.
  • – Digestive disorders.
  • – Shortness of breath or chest pain.
  • – Dry mouth
  • Forgetful and clumsy.
  • –Headache.
  • – Muscle tension or pain.
  •  – Having sexual problems: Physiological weakness, decreased sex drive, physiological disorders, etc.
  • – Stomachache.
  • – Sweat
  • – Eating too much or eating too little causes physical symptoms.
  • – Always hasty and hasty.
  • – Irritated, resentful, or short-tempered.Irritated, resentful, or short-tempered.
  • – Using stimulants such as alcohol or tobacco.
  • – Ignore common and distracting behaviors.
  • – Disturb your daily activities like eating or sleeping.
  • – Itching on the body

How to relieve fatigue commonly:

If you’re just tired due to your routine, just living in moderation is fine.

How to relieve fatigue caused by psychological:

  •  Stop all work and rest for a few days. Maybe go somewhere play, go on an expedition, etc.
  •  Do small things that you enjoy.
  • Exercise regularly. You can join a swimming course, GYM, etc.
  • Take a deep breath and practice Yoga or take a meditation course.
  • Change your thinking habits to be positive.
  • Let chat and share with people.
  • Listen and sing fun songs. Besides, listening to relaxing music regularly is also a way to relax the mood.
  •  Watch videos with funny content.
  • You need a tool to help you change your mind.

How to relieve fatigue with APP RESUMIND

RESUMIND is a tool to help you always have positive thoughts so that you are no longer mentally tired before difficulties. The best way to reduce fatigue with the RESUMIND application is to add positive and encouraging messages that are broadcast right after waking up, which is the golden time that decides 70% of your health and body’s behavior throughout the day. The moment right after waking up, RESUMIND will engrave in your brain with love messages, you will only have a state of love for life, looking forward.

Use APP RESUMIND to relieve fatigue.

Open the app on the phone from the night before

Step 1: Choose a time to relieve fatigue. (Recommendation: should choose the time to wake up, the time to start a new day)

Step 2: Copy the content that you want to listen to. When you hear that message you feel happy. (recommended: content to memorize or anything positive or nice)

Step 3: Save. Wait until the alarm goes off. You can go to sleep or relax for a while.

Step 4: Touch the screen to turn off the ringer so that the installed messages are emitted.

Step 5: Relax or recite the messages until you feel positive.

Download RESUMIND to relieve fatigue:

Currently, APP RESUMIND to relieve stress and fatigue is available on the Android CHPlay app store.

You just need to open the app store, search for APP RESUMIND and install it on your device.

Thank you to everyone who read this article of mine. Surely, there is something in your life that makes you feel tired. Please use ways to relieve fatigue with APP RESUMIND and give me your opinion. Besides, if you find this article useful, please share it with everyone!

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