It’s so easy for one to get negative in such a harsh life full of challenges. You might tell yourself ugly, useless, and worthless so many times that your subconscious mind has been deeply ingrained in negativity. This perception is totally wrong and would prevent you from achieving any goals in your life. What you need is an efficient form of motivation to boost your self-esteem so that you have the energy and spirit to do your tasks, and motivational confidence affirmations solve your problem. It’s time for you to stop procrastinating and start doing your works.

Uplift your Self-Esteem with These Confidence Affirmations

How can positive affirmations increase confidence and self esteem?

Affirmations allow us to pick our favorite positive words that will help us build or eliminate something in our life, such as establishing success, confidence, or good relationships, as well as removing poor self-esteem, harmful behaviors, and even pain.

By affecting our perceptions, they can change the way we view and think about ourselves. Thus, when having the right words, we can replace negative opinions with positive ones. From that, you will be more confident of yourself as well as more energetic and motivated to accomplish your job.

When your self-esteem is boosted, you will be more successful in any work you do. As a result, you will witness this success and your confidence will grow even more. This is a good, ever-growing circle that contributes to your success and pleasure!

What time of the day is the best?

That’s why you should bring motivational confidence affirmations into your daily routine. Just about 5 to 10 minutes a day deeping your mind in positive thinking would help you much to enjoy your fulfilled life. I suggest you do it in the morning as it’s the best time for you to build up your confidence and get ready for a new day. If you find it hard to remember, then don’t hesitate to try out the App RESUMIND, which can help you remind of the affirmations to refresh your subconscious with good self-assured perceptions.

confidence affirmations To Boost Your Self-Esteem

50 Confidence Affirmations To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Deep yourself in those positive confidence affirmations every morning to get the best version of yourself for a new day!

  1. I am confident.
  2. I am fabulous.
  3. I am freakin’ amazing.
  4. I am gorgeous inside and out.
  5. I radiate confidence.
  6. Confidence comes naturally to me.
  7. I am worthy of being confident.
  8. My self-esteem improves daily.
  9. I choose how I want to feel and I choose confidence.
  10. I can do whatever I set my mind to.
  11. I can be whoever I wish to be.
  12. I am compassionate towards myself.
  13. I love myself.
  14. I accept myself.
  15. I honour myself.
  16. I trust myself.
  17. I am enough.
  18. I am worthy.
  19. I am deserving.
  20. I am strong.
  21. I can get through any and all setbacks.
  22. I am authentic.
  23. I love who I am becoming.
  24. I love who I am being.
  25. I exude confidence.
  26. Confidence is available to me.
  27. Confidence is possible for me.
  28. Confidence is contagious.
  29. I embody confidence.
  30. My challenges help me become more confident.
  31. I am becoming more confident every day.
  32. The only validation I need is from myself.
  33. I treasure my imperfections.
  34. I am respected.
  35. I am loved.
  36. I am seen.
  37. My imperfections make me unique.
  38. My imperfections make me, me.
  39. I can do amazing things.
  40. I am inspiring.
  41. Confidence may come and go but it is my choice when I want to be.
  42. Confidence comes with practice.
  43. Confidence comes when I do hard things.
  44. I am my most confident when I am myself.
  45. I trust my decisions.
  46. I trust myself.
  47. Confidence is my middle name.
  48. I love watching myself grow and become more confident.
  49. I am more than my body – my body is the least interesting thing about me.
  50. My body supports me every day.

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Final Thought

Confidence is not a lack of fear, but the understanding you can accomplish the goal you set forth. Hope that you will find your path to success soon and enjoy your own daily happiness.


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