It is common in scientific discussions to claim that unconscious racism is both prevalent and potent in modern societies. But in reality, unconscious racism is quite negative. So, we need to fix it.

What does unconscious racism mean?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, racism is policies, behaviors, rules, etc. that result in a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race. For example, you would prioritize whites over blacks in supplying service just because of whites’ superiority.

What about unconscious racism? It means that you treat some people unfairly based on your perception of skin color (race representation). And this happens unconsciously: you do not have such a purpose or desire about it.

Does unconscious racism exist?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m more biased against whites than blacks. I simply think they are more sympathetic to me. Because I think black people are probably bad people. Do I have an unconscious racist instinct?

I have tried to notice and overcome my prejudices. I always assume that it is what a person’s thinking. But I still have prejudice. How can I fix it? I grew up in a society with common racism. The system of inequality in favor of whites until now. Currently, there are many films reflecting racism that rewarded Oscar awards such as Us, Get out, Les Misérables, etc.

When we were young, our brains were not fully developed and most of our perceptions are easily affected by all surrounding prejudices. Therefore, our subconscious mind is easy to receive prejudices of racism that you don’t know whether right or wrong. When growing up, we impose these prejudices on behaving everyone around us. Even though we have no intention of ​​racism, we still have unconscious racist thoughts.

Remember when you treat people of color. Are you really friendly or open to them? I know you don’t hate them or try to treat them like that. But we still create a certain prejudice or at least an avoidance of them just because skin color makes you feel insecure.

How to fix it?

For businesses, leadership should identify their own prejudices and exclude them from recruitment. The company should also appoint many non-white high-ranking employees, as people often hire versions of themselves. This will help us overcome unconscious racist thoughts.

For families, we need to have policies to overcome racial inequality from the womb onwards. Children are most affected by the thoughts of their parents.

For society, the government should reduce the unconscious racism from the educational system in the priority. For example, we can see a model in the Netherlands, where schools in the poorest neighborhoods receive the most money.

Thank you for reading. Hope you have a good day!

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