Hello everyone. Today, I would like to share with you “TOP 9 tips to memorize fast and easily for students”. I am an alumnus of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Therefore, the things I say below are all from my own experiences. You can memorize literature, history, and biology as quickly as possible in 9 tips. Invite you to watch it.

Method 1: Understand the problem to memorize. Don’t rote learning.

Rote learning is ineffective. The learner needs to understand the nature of the problem. If the learner does not grasp the nature of the problem, memorizing will be in vain and “in one ear & out the other”.

Therefore, when it is necessary to quickly memorize a lesson, learners need to grasp the main content of the lesson. Learners can skim the book once, or carefully read the book’s table of contents.

In class, you need to actively and proactively ask questions, especially interesting questions related to the lesson that you are learning, which will stimulate brain thinking. Taking notes in class should be very selective. When you are at home, you need to practice within 2 hours.

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Method 2: Summarize the content with the mind map to memorize super fast

You need to memorize quickly and quickly. Let’s try learning with the main content through a mind map, which is one of the fast learning methods.

Summarizing content with a mind map means using the Mind Map tool to draw pictures. There are many shapes such as octopus, staircase, etc. For example, each main idea establishes an octopus leg. Each sub-idea develops into smaller ideas. This learning way will form a frame to help you not miss any important knowledge.

Method 3: Learning with practice

If English learners never speak English to practice, it will not be possible to improve. Besides, if history learners never go to historical sites, it is difficult to feel the history stories they have learned. Learning with practice makes knowledge takes root.

Watching visual-stimulating documentaries makes the brain remembers longer instead of looking at only letters. Watch chemistry videos, physics to imagine quicker. Besides, find friends on your own through social networks to practice speaking foreign languages.

Method 4: Divide and rule – divide content to learn and reduce

The method of super fast memorization is to break down knowledge to learn.

In the past, the dominant government of the north adopted a divide and rule policy. Nowadays, we apply to learn. Break your knowledge down into smaller and concise titles. Less than one word means less a word must learn. Adding a word means learning one more word. Therefore, the data to learn is as short as possible.

Method 5: If you want to memorize quickly, the learning environment must be comfortable.

Change the learning space to be suitable to memorize quickly and remember for a long time.

An ideal learning environment is a place to create a sense of comfort for learners. In this environment, learners feel free and comfortable. In addition, the best color of the place to study should be green. The sounds in that space should be alpha-wave-activated music. The scent can be mild or not at all. Besides, the temperature in this space should be a cool 26 to 28 degrees. The seat in it should be large, soft, and without back fatigue.

The neat learning corner can help the brain work more logically. However, your cluttered learning corner can stimulate your creative brain. It’s all up to you. You should buy motivational paintings to hang in the room. Besides, you can print photos that inspire and drive your dreams.

Method 6: Build a team: “a pair of friends go forward”

In business, you need to have a good team to grow. In learning, if you want to learn quickly and remember for a long time, you need to have a classmate-a pair of friends go forward. If you study with unconscious friends, you will be pulled backward. During the learning process, you should regularly apply cross-checking. At the same time, Should build competition during group study, the winner will receive a small present.

Method 7: Use material to memorize quickly

Currently, a lot of study materials form a sea of information. Therefore, the student’s mission is to choose professional learning materials. To choose learning materials professionally, learners need to consult professional teachers, even going to review the author’s background and read reviews and comments on books.

It is the best thing that you should buy books printed on good paper, vivid colors, scientific presentation methods, clear text, and lots of illustrations. All of these will inspire very good learning. However, if you use a photocopied book, you will get bored.

Method 8: Apply pictures to memorize super fast

The human brain memories 5 times more images than remember messages in written form. Instead of writing the name of “Bill Gates”, we use a picture of him and the computer with the Windows operating system, which the learners can memorize for a long time. Instead of writing the words “iPhone phone”, we print the picture of a badly bitten apple. Using a variety of illustrations inspire good study. Students should use a 6-in-1 ballpoint pen to write and draw with 6 colors different colors during studying.

Method 9: Use technology 4.0. Install App: install subconscious RESUMIND

Nowadays, there are many applications to help you learn. Let’s choose App RESUMIND to help you memorize super fast for all subjects.

Install the subconscious is also known as install the unconscious, also known as unconscious memory is a classic method of memorization. Learners need to install messages or copy the content into the app then choose the alarm time (in the morning).

After learners wake up by ringing the phone. App RESUMIND will emit the messages by voice with TTS-text to speech technology. While learners are daydreaming, their ears and brain are activated. It can be said that this is a method of learning while sleeping, which is a learning method for lazy people, sleeping people. The more you sleep, the better you learn.

Above are “TOP 9 tips to memorize fast and easily for students”. All are content from my own experience. If you have any questions, you comment below this article. Besides, if you find this article good, Please like and share it with everyone.
“School undergraduate school ever again”.

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