The life sometimes is so busy and tiring. So finding the motivation for it is really important. Today, in this article, I will introduce you top 3 powerful motivational songs that make your life always full of energy.

1. The first of the top three motivational songs is ” You raise me up”.

This song is perfomed by West Life “band”. It is the song with the low and treble notes, going deep into the heart. “You Raise me Up” is exactly the typical English motivational song for decades. The song by musician Rolf Lovland has many cover versions, from famous bands and singers. But the most famous is probably still the version of the Ballad princes -Westlife.

The song ” You raised me up” was performed successfully by Westlife band.

For many years, many people still lovingly call “You Raise Me Up” a hymn. This is the only case of a POP song. The song is a sheep’s narrative to God, inspired by a Bible story. When the son fell into the end of despair and suffering, the Lord responded to his requests and his faith. Moreover, hidden inside the lyrics, there are also messages about love and friendship. It really give you more motivation especially when you are lonely and depressed. When you have a hand gently lifts you up and reassure you, that is the sincerity. Don’t be surprised if you shed tears while listening to this motivational song.

2. Being ranked in the second position of these top three motivational songs is the song ” Breathe”.

It is a Korean song which is performed by the singer ” Lee Hi”. It’s also a typical motivational song for not only the Korean youth but also the young people all around the world.

Lee Hi performed the song ” Breathe”-the most successful song in her playlist.

Breathe is like the feelings of a person holding back amidst the worries of life. Sometimes the pressure does not come from yourself, but it comes form prejudices of the people around you. All make you want to suffocate. At such times, do not hesitate to cry loud. The resentments in the heart should never be kept separate. Because no one has the right to judge you when you cry out. Remember: “Sometimes we make mistakes too. Because all people do act like that.”

3. The third of the three motivational songs is “Let It Go”.

A lot of people like this song especially the children. This song is performed by Demi Lovato.

It will be big omission if you forget the title song of the famous film “Frozen”. It was once ranked the first position in “Billboard”. In addition, “Let it Go” is even hailed as the best animated soundtrack of all time.

Frozen’s story revolves around a princess with the same power as the original word. She always has to struggle. Her name is Elsa. And Let It Go is her heart when she is relieved of all the burdens of a queen. Escaping from all the stereotypes and responsibilities that people attach to her, she unleashes all the power hidden deep inside her mind.

Let it go-the best animated soundtrack of all time.

And most of all, the message of this motivational song is to advise you to live truely to yourself. Always be yourself, no matter the difficulties. But hidden deep in each soul is more than just a beauty. It also the boundless power. Unless you liberate yourself, you never know how great limits you can break.

We hope that after reading this article, you can find the way to have more motivation and get rid of all depression in your life.

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