Managing money is never an easy task for beginners. You may need a helper to assist you. Over numerous numbers of applications available out there, here are my recommended picks of the 3 best money management apps. Give yourself one in the list below!

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Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping For A Money Management App (FAQs)

Here are some of the things you should ask yourself before downloading a budgeting app.

1.  What are my financial needs and goals?

Determine if the app will assist you in meeting your demands and achieving your objectives.

2. How much does the app cost?

Some apps are free to download, while others may require a monthly or annual subscription. Cost should not be the only consideration when selecting a budgeting tool, but it is a significant one. However, you may discover that paying a little fee for an app saves you more money in the long term. Satisfying all your expectations, we highly recommend the 6 Jars Money Management App.

3. What features does the app offer?

Determine what you require. You could be looking for an app that offers powerful investment capabilities. Alternatively, you may want further assistance with debt reduction. Look for an app that is a good fit for the goals you want to attain.

Mobile app money Management
Mobile app money Management

Top 5 Money Management Apps

1. 6 Jars Money Management (6JMM)

This is the best budgeting app overall, which is appropriate for everyone. The 6JMM is investigated and built up by Alan Al Voice Lab. It bases on the 6 Jars Method by T.Have Eker, dividing your money into 6 different jars: Necessities, Financial Freedom, Long-term saving for spending, Education, Play and Give accounts.

The application will calculate your spending by day, week, month and extract the report to excel. Then it will suggest the ideal spending model for users to adjust.

6 Jars Money Management App
6 Jars Money Management App

Don’t miss your chance to approach financial independence with 6 Jars Money Management!

2. Pocket Guard

PocketGuard is a reputable international application, linked to a bank account to monitor and help users track income, manage reasonable spending. The software is highly secured with a 4-digit password. It is researched and developed to help you monitor cash flow, prevent overspending, analyze and report financial trends for the month. There are various features in the app like Invoice storage, loan payments, credit bills…

3. Money Manager

The money manager is the optimal e-wallet to manage a personal account. With the money management app, users can create main and sub-categories, as well flexibly change them with a high degree of customization feature of the app.

The app will calculate statistics and provide graphs depicting spending and shopping trends to help users assess their financial status and use of money by day, week, and month.

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