Hello everyone, in what English can students speak that English is the most boring subject and hardest. Moreover, the old study method is ineffective and makes you tired. Actually, I do not know the most effective method of learning English in the world. However, through the learning process in the school chair along with self-study at home, I have gained some experience to learn English. Below are my shares from my own experiences.

You do not need to live in an English-speaking environment. You can still learn English at home effectively depending on the method. Learning English is not for people who are lazy and have no perseverance. Before learning, it is necessary to define the learning process that will be extremely long-term. You determine to prepare when applying the appropriate learning method, which will save time.

Method 1: Before studying, you need to define your learning goals clearly.

Define clearly your level and goal to learn English. You should set short-term as well as long-term goals to track your own learning progress.

If you are a person who lost English roots similar to my original level, you set small immediate goals to define the route to take. Opposite, if you already have basic English knowledge, you let set a bigger goal and review your knowledge yourself. Reviewing the knowledge you have learned makes you have aware of your own level more and supports the acquisition of new knowledge faster.

What is the purpose of you to learn English? To use for chatting with colleagues about majors, studying abroad, or just for basic communication. When you know the purpose of learning English, you will determine the route you need to go through. From there, you can clearly define the topic of knowledge to learn.

I start to learn English from zero. Therefore, my short-term goal for one month is about the surrounding life topic. Topics about colors, animals, trees, people, are the words I prioritize to study. I start learning from life around me. If you set out conversations with people, you will easily remember vocabulary and grammar.

Build the will of a long-term resistance war with a long route of learning English

Learning English is a long process. English is a subject with a lot of vocabulary and grammar. As mentioned above, there is no effective English learning method for people who are lazy and not have persistent. No matter what method you use, you can not learn English effectively and in a short time.

Before entering to learn English, build yourself a will to study for a long time. You can also find a friend who has the same level of education and learning goals. The two watched and progressed together.

Having someone to learn with is like having an example for you to follow. You know what you have achieved in the goals that you have set. In the first month, I studied with my sister. The two sisters had a lot of questions, conversations. The two sisters look at each other and make progress.

How to learn English: Learning to listen is more important than learning to read.

Learning to listen is extremely important. Listening helps you to understand intonation, know how to read new words when understanding the meaning clearly.

To use English fluently, you should watch practical programs, reading newspapers is better than learning English according to textbooks.

Surely, everyone will love listening to music, watching movies. What do you think if you make use of the time for hobbies and learning purposes? This thing will be a maximum time saver and very comfortable. Let’s choose your favorite music. Then, listen and sing along to the melody and then learn English vocabulary.

If you dream of using English like a native speaker, instead of reading a textbook, you will be able to use the standard format for learning English through movies. Watch the movie while learning how to pronounce intonation spoken by native speakers. Besides, everyday language communication is very much repeated in the film. These languages are far from the conversation in the textbook.

Method: Using English in practice.

Currently, communicating with indigenous people in the living environment is not a difficult thing. The parks and restaurants often go to foreigners where you can find people who want to exchange languages.

Use social media to make friends with foreigners. You can join online forums to find people to make friends with to communicate in practice. Learning English by communicating helps you to use the language effectively and understand the culture of your country.

Sometimes, you give up learning English just because you feel bored and heavy. Communicate with foreigners through conversations, short jokes, and short songs. You will not worry about effectively making mistakes.

Learn English by listening and answering English questions.

It is necessary to learn together with practice to perfect all 4 abilities to listen, speaking, reading, and writing. You should apply knowledge learned by speaking English regularly. For example, you can ask questions and then answering them in English right away. Take note of unknown words to look up the dictionary and learn more.

Listening and answering daily English questions train you to listen to English, practice your listening speed as equally as a native speaker. Even when you do not know the grammar, answering questions also makes you know more firmly.

Listening and answering English questions help the brain to move and work effectively. During the learning process, the brain works out the answers on its own. Learning grammar while learning vocabulary, is not boring, right?

Randomly answer the question without preparation, which stimulates the brain. Thinking about problems you need to learn over and over again will keep vocabulary and grammar in your brain.

Method of learning English: APP RESUMIND

To do something but lazy, you need to have tools to help. APP RESUMIND is an effective learning tool that saves time and money. You just need to install the App, determine the lesson content and learning time of the day. With text to Speech technology, RESUMIND will emit lesson content messages using the human voice. You can listen and read along or listen and respond like communicating with foreigners.

After spending a month studying with RESUMIND, it helps me solve many problems about time and money. APP RESUMIND is a tool that I really like to share with everyone. This app will be your teacher, classmate, and study assistant. Moreover, RESUMIND is a learning method by unconsciousness, which is an extremely new learning method.

You can set the time, which helps you listen to the lesson you are speaking in English even while daydreaming. Besides, it also saves as much time as possible from studying and working. RESUMIND is suitable for lazy people, or some people who are busy at work and do not have much time to study.

I am a student who has had an English paralysis point. Now I have learned English thanks to the world’s most effective method to learn English. After learning, I have learned from the experience and shared above. Hopefully, these experiences will help many students and some busy people who want to learn any language.

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