Children in puberty have many changes in psychology and physiology. Families need to know “The way to teach children in puberty” to be able to teach their children better.

During the children’s adulthood before 14-year-olds, the family has taught them many things. However, by the time of puberty, there is so much knowledge that families need to show them to grow up. If you are looking for ways to teach your children in puberty, please read this article.

Talk to your children regularly.

Never think that when your children are teenagers, the conversations are no longer important. In fact, in this time, the habit of telling things to the family is the time to be effective. As a teenager, your children will have lots of private secrets. They only tell those secrets to the people with who they often confide. You always need to be aware of your children’s irregularities so that you can teach them well.

In the family, there should be someone who confides in children when they need it. Please listen and provide solutions. Then it is necessary to tell the child that the reasons will result in those solutions.

Get rid of your children’s thought that this is the best thing

Families often impose thoughts on their children. However, the teenage is when children appear different multi-dimensional thoughts and their own choices. Now, it is the families’ job to give their children the freedom to choose and tell them the outcome of that choice.

In puberty, children have been a lot of demand, the biggest of which is being free and recognized. Please give your children an independent part of their private life. Besides, it is an important part that your children make great decisions on their own. Although families always want to take care of their children, no parents can follow their children for a lifetime.

Teach your children to protect themselves

Tell your children about gender and reproductive health issues.

At this age, children have a lot of curiosity about sexuality and reproduction. Even although the family does not teach, your children can still research online. Therefore, instead of letting your child learn things you cannot control, please take the initiative to let them know.

Depending on your age and gender, you should tell your child about gender and reproductive health. Besides, let’s teach children how to protect themselves, especially girls.

Teach your children about the dangers of stimulants and drugs.

In fact, in puberty, children have a great desire to prove themselves. With just a few sentences they can use stimulants and drugs because, in their subconscious mind, they still don’t know about the dangers of stimulants and drugs.

Therefore, at the moment, let’s save into their subconscious mind the effects of stimulants and narcotics. Besides, you can show them pictures or videos about the dangers of stimulants and narcotics.

Teach children in puberty: Be a civilized person.

1.Teach your children about adult responsibilities.

When your children grow up, they will definitely have to face all the difficulties on the way of life and overcome everything on their own. You need to tell your children to know that life has many ups and downs. When they are older, they need to have th responsibility as adults.

When your children reach puberty, let’s teach them responsibility for everything you do and practice skills to adapt to society.

2. Love and happiness in adult life

When your children are in puberty, they need to know how to find love and happiness in life. The life of an adult has many difficult factors no at its disposal. Love and happiness are the energy for them to overcome all difficulties. Let’s teach your children how to find love and happiness in life so that they will always be full of life energy.

3. Know “sorry” and “thank you”

“Sorry” and “thank you” are two things that any parent should be a role model for their children to learn, which is the minimum for children to adapt to society.

Use the tool to teach your children in puberty: APP RESUMIND

The power of the subconscious

APP RESUMIND is an application on a mobile phone. This app is a combination of alarm, recording, notes, Ebook, along with TTS (text to speech). TTS, which converts text into human speech, is a technology that helps users to install the subconscious at will.

We often hear about the subconscious and the consciousness. However, most people only care about consciousness but ignore the subconscious. In fact, there are 90% of actions that lead to human results are controlled subconsciously. If you have a positive subconscious, you will overcome all difficulties. Besides, if the subconscious is not active, you will not pass everything to grow up.

Help your children install the subconscious with RESUMIND

Every day, you just need to do a simple thing is save a piece of text or record a voice in the application. Then set an early morning alarm time for your children. It could be a good saying, a cheerleading passage, a love word, etc. As soon as your child turns off the alarm, this app will emit those messages in the form of a human voice.

If you don’t know what message to use, you can see the messages contained in the library of APP RESUMIND.

This is just a simple step but installs a lot of motivation into your children’s subconscious mind. It helps them grow up and still have happiness from deep within the subconscious mind.

Through the process of using RESUMIND, I am very confident when recommending it to everyone. Inside APP RESUMIND is a lot of subconscious things to perfect the wheel of life.

If you want to your children become helpful people, the first thing is the parent needs to install a positive subconscious for your children. In other words, let’s make them feel happy when they become helpful people. Although you do not have too rich financially, your children’s life is always comfortable from the heart.

Above is the way to teach children in puberty by Alan Ai Voice LAB. Hopefully, this article will help you get a good way to teach your children about puberty.

Thank you for reading my sharing!

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