Today, in this article, we will talk about a very interesting method to teach Maths. It’s teaching Maths with subconscious method. It’s conducted by Mr. Nguyen Van Phung, a teacher at BGO center in Hanoi.

Learning Maths is very difficult. Like other logical subjects, Maths also has the definitions and formulas to remember. If students have in their mind all these definitions and formulas, it can be easier to learn this subject.

How can Mr. Phung apply subconscious to teach Maths to student?

There are three steps in Mr. Phung’s method to teach Math with the subconscious way.

Firstly, he applies the comprehensible input method of 95/5. It means there are 95% of knowledge that students have accessed to.

Secondly, he asks his students to listen and read the definitions and formulas as many times as possible.

Thirdly, he lets his student’s brain do the rest. At that time their brain will automatically absorb the knowledge very quickly. Then the amount turns to quality. The students can solve the math problems as easily as a computer.

The special techer uses subconscious method to teach maths for student.
The special techer uses subconscious to teach maths to student.

Why can we apply subconscious in teaching and learning Maths?

There have been many scientific studies proving this:

Dr. Stephen Krashen – University of Southern California said: “We absorb the knowledge when we understand it. In this way, there’s no need for us to try to intentionally remember it.”

Dr. Paul Sulzberger, a researcher at the University of Victoria, New Zealand, conducted a 2009 study on the topic “The neural tissues needed to learn and understand a new knowledge develop automatically from ingestion”. ‘Our ability to learn the new knowledge directly relates to how often we hear that knowledge.”- He said.

The seed in the soil is also your Math knowledge potential.

You can imagine a seed in the soil. This seed is your Maths knowledge potential. It needs water to grow and grow. The country here is to listen to Maths knowledge everyday. The more you water yourself, the quicker you will master the knowledge you are aiming at.

Is learning maths with the subconsciousness effective?

Your brain is very smart. You have to learn to trust and let it work on its way. All you need to do is create an environment for your brain to learn. That means exposure to Maths document with a lot of exciting emotions. You can try some fun materials which can stimulate your right brain such as: movies, videos on Youtube, or the Maths books that you love.

Just listen and read what you care about. Gradually, your math problem solving skills will increase each day. We can see that our level increases very fast. The most important thing is the efficiency. By this studying method, 12 years ago, Mr Phung successfully revised for the university exam while sleeping. And he got almost maximum marks in the entrance exam to pedagogical university.

Just listen and read what you care about. Gradually, your math problem solving skills will increase each day.

Learning in this way, your subconscious will focus on means (maths knowledge), and your conscious will focus on the content. You are not thinking about Maths. You just enjoy the video. Later, suddenly you find out that you are surprisingly good at Maths.

Maybe after many years in school, you have set up the auto thought that learning must be hard. If learning that is too fun, you will think that it is the wrong way to study. So you always find a boring way to practice on your own.

It’s time to stop suffering. Have fun with your studies. Because that is the most effective way to learn.

With this method of Mr Phung, I hope that you will soon find and apply the POTENTIAL learning style to speed up your Maths level.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind App: subconscious method to teach Maths

“Reprogram Subconscious Mind” is an amazing upcoming product of Alan Ai Voice Lab company. This application helps people a lot in self-development. It will help us learn while sleeping (dreamy brain waves) and arouse strong daily energies through sight and hearing.

App Resumind: subconscious method to teach Maths
App Resumind: subconscious method to teach Maths

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