As mentioned in the article before, up to 95% of our purchase decisions are directed by subconscious mental processes. Consequently, to run a business, it is extremely important for the businessman to understand their customers’ views and interests by understanding their subconsicous mindstates. This writing will show you how!

How to customer access in business?
How to customer access in business?

The key factors of subconscious mindstates in business

1. Goals in business

The foundation of any behavioral strategy is to determine what your ideal customer is after. From breathing to buying, everything we do is the direct result of a goal we have. In order to get to the root of your customers’ goal, you need to take the time to see your business through their eyes.

The big question you should ask yourself throughout the period considering this factor is: What job is my business getting done for this person?

All too often, the actual goal is one why-question deeper than the surface level goal. For example, let’s assume you’re running a department store with the prospective customer needing to buy daily household groceries. You’re not wrong, but you wouldn’t be right either.

What you need to do to dig deeper into the question.  Maybe they need them for their safety request. They may also buy things to decorate their home. It’s also possible that they buy them for their convenience. In that case, customers will find it extremely hard to buy into your offering if your marketing materials are only full of food images. Instead of that, you had better choose the images that reveal various kinds of groceries in your store.

As a result of your goal research, you should have a better idea about how to design your offering to best meet the actual needs of your customers.

If you come up with more than one customer type and you’re trying to figure out how to accommodate everyone, you’re not alone. Most businesses do serve a variety of different customers. It is easier and your messaging will be clearer if you stick to one customer type. You can design different products, services, packages, and even departments to handle your customer variety.

2. Motivations

If you don’t have any motivations, you would never reach your goals. Relating to that, it’s natural that humans strive for bigger and better things, but internal motivation is required. Specifically, it’s about how the customers intend to get what they want.

To this part, the main question for you as a businessman is: What is fueling this person’s behavior?

It is hard to control motivation as it’s almost always an internally-driven force. In other words, the external factors can’t move us to pursue a goal if we don’t think it’s a worthwhile effort. This is why incentivizing employees with pay raises often fails to increase productivity and why a bad habit can’t be kicked until there is a personal desire to do so. We fuel our own dreams, which are exhausting and invigorating at the same time.

When discussing motivation, I find it extremely helpful to use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to identify the spectrum your customer is on when evaluating your product. Determine where your customer stands as far as their internal motivation and you’ll be able to create the offering that they’re uniquely after.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

3. Regulatory approach in business

It’s hard for businessmans that there are variety of people and each one has their own taste and interest. Some like to shop in bargain shops while others prefer designer boutiques. Very often our regulatory approach is less of a conscious choice and more of a subconscious focus.

To successfully run your own business, you should try to get access to your potential customers by getting the insight into the regulatory focus, as well as framing your brand with visuals and copy that provides a path of least resistance for their unconscious to follow, which is simply putting things in perspective for your clients.

In order to use framing as a technique, you have to be very aware of your customers’ regulatory approach.


Running a business is not easy, but once having a guide, you wouldn’t find it that difficult. Last but not least, to get access to your target customers, marketing and digital marketing are the departments that you should carefully consider, read my other articles here to develop your career in those fields.

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App resumind help faster customer access in business
App resumind help faster customer access in business

Hope you all would come off well with your career!

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