Many people think that the subconsciousness and unconsciousness are the same. Although both of the two concepts lack the light of consciousness, they are still be different.

The subsconciousness:

The subconsciousness is a category consisting of spiritual events that the subject currently does not pay attention to but when he wants it to appear, it will appear right after that. We can use the knowledge from learning, reading or from the experience in the real life in the subconscious when we need them. Subconsciousness is a spiritual power, which is mysterious . If we understand and know how to use it, it will be a useful, practical, simple method that can improve the physical and spritual health.

subconsciousness and unconsciousness
The mysterious power of subconciousness

The unconsciousness:

The unconscious mind consists of mental processes that occur automatically and are not available for introversion and include processes of thinking, memory, preferences and motivation.

Although these processes well exist under the surface of conscious perception, in theory, they influence behavior.

Experimental evidence shows that unconscious phenomena include feeling of repression, automatic skills, psychic awareness and automatic response, and also complexes, phobias and desires. .

Dreaming-one kind of unconciousness

This concept was popularized by Austrian neuroscientist and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In psychoanalysis theory, the unconscious processes are understood to be expressed directly in dreams, as well as in misspellings and jokes.

Therefore, the unconscious mind can be considered the source of dreams and automatic thoughts (things that appear without any apparent cause), the repository of forgotten memories ( is still sometimes accessible to consciousness) and tacit understanding (things that we have learned so well that we do them without thinking).

People argue that other parts of the mind influence conciousness. These include unconsciousness as an individual habit, unconsciousness and intuition. Phenomena related to semi-consciousness include awakening, tacit memory, sublimation messages, trance, and hypnosis. During sleep, sleepwalking, dreaming, delirium and lethargy, we can signal the presence of unconscious processes, which we see as symptoms rather than the unconscious mind itself.

It has been proven that it exists the subconsciousness and unconsciousness:

The subconciousness

Most people admit that there are subconsciousnes and unconsciousness. Here are a few facts that prove this affirmation.

Meaning of the subconsciousness and unconsciousness in the intellecture life:

The subconsciousness and the unconsciousness are not in the scope of manifesting but affecting knowledge activities. For example, perception of the noisy sound of the sea waves … at first many small noises, unconsciously gathered into consciousness, I heard. Dreaming is an unconscious life of the soul.

Subconsciousness and the unconsciousness in the daily and emotional life:

The human mind contains many tendencies and instincts. Through gesture, we know competence. This is the primordial unconscious, the darkest place. As for emotional activities, it shows that the knowledge is quite great … We don’t know why, from which there is sympathy or aversion to this person or another … The repressive phenomenon of Freud brings light from the unconsciousness.

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