The way a woman treats herself is also how she allows others to treat her. Therefore, a self-esteem woman is the one who knows how to best serve and take care of herself. She doesn’t depend on any man, including money.

Possessing a good financial capacity can make you a self-esteem woman.

Women possessing good financial capacity always keep their self-esteem.

Due to the influence of feudal ideology, many people believe that women’s duty is to do housework, take care of children, cook and serve the parents in-laws. Some women also believe that making money and creating a career is a man’s duty. But smart and successful men will not choose women like that because they get bored quickly.

The roles of men and women today are very different from the past. Depending on the personalities and cultural characteristics of each family, the spouses can supplement or change roles for each other. If a woman can marry a man who makes money well and helps his wife take care of the kids,cooking, it would be very wonderful. Likewise, if a woman can also support her man in making money, especially during difficult economic times, her husband will certainly appreciate it. If we want others to do something for us, first see if we are worthy of it.

Remember, if you consider a man as an ATM, they will see you as a physiological relief tool.

And if you are a woman who understands your own value, you will know that you should earn money, not love. You should keep your beauty, not men. When you are both beautiful and rich, you can buy anything you like. Therefore, you can have self-esteem like a real aura woman.

Money can’t make you a self-esteem woman, but happiness requires money.

This is not practical, it is real. We have to admit that having money will make life easier.

If you are not born in a rich family, but you don’t have a beautiful face and a perfect body, then you should make more efforts to learn to earn money. The more money you have, the more independence and self-esteem you will have in your life. A person once said that you must make a lot of money, so that you won’t have to love anyone in the future. And you won’t have to leave anyone just because of money.

Money can’t buy the self-esteem, but happiness requires money.

There are no ugly people. There are only people with no money. When you have money, you can go shopping and travel freely. You can buy a lot of clothes, cosmetics. Or you can buy a plane ticket to many famous places in the world. As you can control your future, it’s possible for you to meet the life partner you want.

Moreover, if your life is unlucky with a bad husband, there’s no problem. You have money. Let’s pull the suitcase and immediately leave that bastard. You have money to take care of your children, send them to school, and buy a new house. After that, you will have a new life of freedom, leaving your bad husband behind with his breakdowns.

Can you keep your self-esteem if you don’t have money?

So in your whole life, if you don’t depend on your parents, you have to depend on your husband. Do not think that when you sacrifice to take care of your family, your husband will be touched. The more the women sacrifice, the more bad behaviours the men have . Therefore, it wasn’t called sacrifice anymore. It was free. Not many people know how to appriciate what they get from the others.

If you can earn money yourself, you are a self-esteem woman.

Without money, you won’t have power and ability to make decisions in your family. From choosing schools for your children, buying food everyday, paying the electricity and water bill, sending money to your parents, etc you all have to get the allowance from your husband. If you meet a patriarchal husband, then your life is a dead end.

Without money, it’s hard for you take care of yourself. You will have a bumpy body after giving birth, or wrinkled skin. You will not dare to spend money to buy new clothes.

In short, just when you are beautiful, and the money in your wallet is made by yourself, you will understand that a financially independent woman is also the happiest and most charming woman. If you are young, you are also a sense of security and support for your parents when they get old. So you definitely must be effort. Because a human life is very short, iwe must live for ourselves.

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