Era 4.0 is completely new. Both parents and children have to learn a lot to adapt. What are the integration of the world, new principles, and order? Please read “The right way to teach children: Parents 4.0.”

Age of children: Technology age 4.0

The 21st century is completely new. It brought people a storm that swept away all old principles and replaced them with the era of 4.0 when machines replaced almost every human job.

The machine can sell, serve, take care of the elderly and children, etc. Besides, the machine is not tiring, irritable, is not affected by external factors, and does exactly everything without paying a salary.

All the ancestors’ knowledge and experience have been drawn from a lifetime. However, it not equal to a machine. The truth exists that with just one keyword we can find a sea of information.

All in all, of course, all companies prefer to use machines over people. Then we humans are just like that, unemployed.

Machines and humans in the new century

Today, we are no strangers to machines to serve. However, in only about 10 years more, machines can do more advanced jobs. How can we humans work more diligently and precisely than machines? Therefore, where to get the place for human existence.

Most machines are pre-programmed to be ready for their job. This means it is framed somewhere in the operating system code. If you want to distinguish humans from machines, you will need creative thinking, which is the only difference between humans and machines. Jack Ma, Bill Gate, Mark Cuban, who are talented people in the world, all talk about creative thinking. Also, they always teach the next life about it.

However, think again if you are being programmed by someone else. Morning 9-evening 5, whoever says anything, you will do what they say. Then you are no different from a machine.

Development racing with the ages.

The only thing we humans can race against the machine age is creativity. This bases on existing principles, free to think, creative thinking to create more new ones. If you can’t do that, be prepared to be rejected.

Hence, non-stop creative thinking is the way that humans are masters. If you are ready to be rejected by society, there is nothing left to say.

Change your thinking about creative thinking.

You think creative thinking is God’s gift to art people. Creative thinking is a skill that people as dry as I cannot have. Or else, the creative ability needs to be inherited. If I don’t have one, how can I teach my children?

Really creativity is a kind of thinking.

Creativity is a type of thinking that exists in each of us. It is not for anyone. The point here is whether you know how to apply it in all areas of your life or not.

For example, right in our homes is many innovations of the modern industry, which is from the smallest things like a bowl to or big as a TV, a refrigerator. If there is not creative thinking in the industrial fields, you will have to live forever in the Stone Age.

The right way to teach children: Teach children to think early. (3-4 years old)

Many families always say their children are too young to know what to think. Because your children do not know, you need to teach them about thinking early. During 3-4 years of age, your children’s brain develops faster than any later stage. However, their thinking ability also develops faster. In this stage, the more creative thinking, the more children will maximize their creativity in the next stage.

According to Dr. E.P.Trans, a psychology doctor at Glogla University in America: “Thinking ability begins to develop when the child is 3 years old. In the ages of 4 and a half years old, it reaches the highest peak and will weaken very quickly by 5 years old ”.

Therefore, parents should not ignore the golden period to help children develop creative thinking.

The right way to teach children: Give your child practical experience, not theory.

Children 3 to 6 years old always have a list of “Why?” Questions. Many times this list frightens and irritates adults when responding. Sometimes questions repeat over and over again. Because all the answers are theoretical, it is difficult for children to remember. They need learning with reality, not theory.

For you to understand, for example, when your children see you drying clothes, they ask: “Why do you have to do that?” Instead of replying to your children that “I have to dry clothes,” put one wet shirt off and dry other clothes. After a few hours, check back and analyze the difference between wet and dry clothing with your children.

This is a practical lesson for your children to experience, which can take a lot of your time and effort. Therefore, giving your children experiences doesn’t need to be done every day. Let use it as an engaging practical course for your children to enjoy on the weekends.

The right way to teach children: Inverse questions stimulate thinking.

Many families are bored and tired of their children’s questions. Children really want to learn about everything in life. However, if you answer directly to your child, it will make them lazy thinking. Have you ever asked in reverse to stimulate your children’s thinking? Let’s try that and see the children’s reaction.

Establish teams to learn creative thinking together.

You don’t have a creative mindset, but both you and your children need to learn to compete with the new times. However, the educational background when you learn has become outdated, and about self-teaching children at home, there is not enough knowledge. Nowadays, when with just a few keywords, it can search to a sea of information. Do you think you’re going to teach your children something new or that you keep going and taking your children along with something old?

Why don’t we team up to learn and change together?

What if we team up to solve all the problems together?

What if we use the language of the young generation to communicate and study with our children?

Children have limitless creativity. They have a lot of ideas that adults cannot think of. Besides, adults have a lot of experience and logic. While children lack practical experience and logic, adults lack creativity. Why not combine those things to develop together?

Establish teams means that both sides have the right to express any ideas. It is always fair to make whatever decisions the two sides have discussed. Not sure if you have a lot of experience making more right decisions than young people.

The right way to teach children: Create non-stop.

The simplest way to help your child be creative non-stop can be to use assembled toys, jigsaw puzzles, etc. There are many types of toys for children to develop creative thinking.

Also, it is possible that you can teach your children to draw pictures, play with a variety of colors, etc. Just a few colors your children can create all day without stopping.

However, if you have time, both you and your children can also adapt the content of the stories and think about the new content for that story. From that new story, your children draw lessons, giving themselves multi-dimensional thinking and perspective. Besides, you let your children play the characters in the story to help to bring feelings into their own learning a new lesson.

You can read more: How to teach children to be smart and obedient.

If you want to adapt to the new age, both you and your children need to learn so that you and your children will not be rejected. Hopefully, “the right way to teach children: Parents 4.0” will help you somewhat.

Thank everyone so much!

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App Resumind: The right way to teach children
App Resumind: The right way to teach children