How are children of the wealthy taught? Rich people teach their children how to make them independent. “The rich teach their children” converges the common ground in the way to teach children for the “super-rich”.

Experience failure

Experience failure is one of the first things that can see in the way rich people teach their children. They are always looking for opportunities for their children to experience failure. Failure for children doesn’t need to be too big like a football game lost, forgetting to bring books, etc. Parents won’t help bring things to school.

From those failures draw experience how to stand up after a failure. Let’s prepare luggage for the growth of your children.

Besides, they want their children to work from a young to understand life’s challenges. By working to make money they learn the value of labor and their parents work very hard to make money.

Teach your children to manage finances

Teaching your children to manage finances means knowing how to make money and spend money at the right time. Therefore, your children need to know the value of money. Many families let their children do housework to earn money for their personal hobbies when they are young.

Besides, let your child go out and work when he was a teenager. Although the money they earn is nothing for their families, the first jobs that make money bring a lot of meaning to your children. They will know how hard their parents make money to give them a good life.

Teach your children about saving and sharing.

Usually, the rich teach your children to know how to save and share the money they have. The first is they need to know how to classify the currencies. There are sections on it for learning, sharing, playing, and finally for current spending. Your children’s source money is usually pocket money and rewards.

Children need to know how to share with the community by the charity. For example, on holidays or celebrations, they can use a gift to charity. Sharing with the community builds up a beautiful life for your children. This is a simple way to teach your children about love. This absolutely can apply to all families whether rich or poor.

Restrict to use the mobile phone.

Evan Williams, Steve Jobs, Dick Costolo, Bill Gates all restrict children to use phones or computers. They do not want their children to depend on smartphones too much. The reason is electronic communications equipment has a bunch of information that is perturbed.

They don’t want their children to be influenced by bad news instead of letting them look for information on the phones. They teach their children to learn and extract information from books.

Besides, they want their children to enjoy family conversations. Talking with your family is the best time for emotional bonding. This is also the time to research the changes in your children’s psychology. You must understand their psychology to teach smart children to be obedient.

Children are the future, we cannot follow them during life. Hopefully, “The rich teach their children” will give you more experience teaching children to grow.

Thank everyone for listening!

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