As a human being, everyone has 4 elements: happiness – anger – love and hate. We can not ignore the “reigning” fears in the mind. Let’s take a look at the following fears to find a way for ourselves so that we
can overcome it to and succeed.

1. The fear of poverty.

Whether from a “royal” or “commoner” family, all of us are afraid of poverty. Everyone wants to live a prosperous and happy life.

The permanent fears in the human subconscious.
The way to cope with poverty.

However, people often have two trends. In the first trend, they fight with poverty and overcome it to have a prosperous life; In the second trend, they live in poverty and blame it for their fate.

2. The fear of disease.

It does not matter if every day we live and grow up in health. But it is not until we get the serious disease that we have the fear of sickness and we know the value of health.

3. The fear of being criticized.

Human creativity is gradually being eroded and killed by the criticism of others. People who lose confidence, become depressed, limit their imagination. Therefore, it affects the success of each individual. It makes people feel that they are useless. Each passing day is meaningless. It destroys all personal creativeness. And all efforts are useless.

The fear of being criticized.

Every day, through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, Instagram, … we see the loneliness of the majority of young people. Living in an open social environment, people gradually become more lonely and withdrawn from the world around them. This makes people feel absent and afraid that one day those who love them will gradually leave them.

4. The fear of losing freedom.

People often say that children have to be free to fly and explore the world. But llet’s think about it. How many people let their children do that? Is it ” the freedom in the framework”?. When people get older, their freedom decreases. Every day, we are bound by education and the human relationship

For example, when choosing a college entrance exam, parents often force their children to choose the university according to their passions and preferences. . And it makes children scared and tired.

Freedom is the desire of most people.

5. The fear of death and old age.

The fear of death and old age is similar to the fear of disease. Recently, there have been information about dirty food and the seriously polluted environment. It makes these people’s fear soar.

As a separate individual, living for ourselves, we need to control ourselves and constantly strive to overcome our fears to be happier.

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