Subliminal stimuli have been around for a long time in our lives. The use of subliminal messages is an art of persuasion. Politicians use it in conspiracy theories, to manipulate minds and correct human behavior. Do you believe those subliminal messages actually work, and if so, how do they work?

Subliminal research has been carried out since the 1950s. In addition to political intrigue, subliminal messages become increasingly familiar to human life and enhance human capacity. Scientific evidence and practical experience have supported and proven the claims. Thus, don’t be afraid to learn more about these messages.

What is Subliminal?

Subliminal is a form of hypnosis, collected into tiny sound waves that are hard to hear by ear. The Subliminal uses affirmative statements to feed the brain, forcing the brain to accept that as the truth. Over time, the brain absorbs these assertions and makes the body work accordingly.

Subliminal messages are affirmative statements feeding our brains

More amazingly, the subliminal messages can even change the old information of the DNA sequence in our body and replace it with new information, thereby causing the genetic code to change. Considering one piece of information to be true over a long period of time causes the brain to react to that new information as if it were true. It is also called hypnosis or implicit autism.

In short, both perception and response to those messages happen on the subconscious level. Many people confuse subliminal with supraliminal while the two types of stimuli to the brain have opposite attributes. Both evoke neurological responses and influence our behavior, but the supraliminal stimuli affect consciousness.

We can have a look at an example of the impact of the supraliminal message. There is ​​a wine store in the UK that plays German and French music while their shop is open. As a result, the store has better French wine sales when they play French music, and better German wine sales when it comes to German music.

We often confuse subliminal and supraliminal stimuli

According to this example, the stimuli are supraliminal, because the brain does this consciously. Especially, the shoppers here do not believe that music is what motivates them in their wine choices. As such, the supraliminal message works best when we do not notice it.

How does subliminal message work?

The human mind consists of 2 basic parts, that is consciousness and the subconscious mind. We can control the conscious mind, through thought, judgment, and experience. Meanwhile, the subconscious is not easily under control, but it often controls itself and leads to reactions by behavior. It is a place where past wishes, motives, and experiences exist outside of our conscious mind.

Our subconscious is much more powerful than our consciousness, with the ability to process information several thousand times more at once than our consciousness. The subliminal messages appeal to your subconscious mind. The way they work is by relying on external stimuli to produce a response from the body that we do not perceive.

Subliminal messages can be inserted in music

In fact, science has discovered up to 37 types of sensory input, of which seven are main types that receive external stimuli. These include sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, vestibule (balance and movement), and body awareness. Because the body is the most sensitive to visual and auditory stimuli, the subliminal messages have the strongest impacts on these two senses.

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