Whatsapp is the application supporting users to send message on more background platform such as android, iOS, Windows, windows phone and MacOS through the internet connection. Here are the motivational whatsapp status which are the most interesting and meaningful for you.

Group of motivational whatsapp status which cheer you up and help you get full of motivation.

  1. Any difficulty will pass. Just like after the rain, it will be bright again.
  1. Things that are not yours should not be forced to be yours. Maybe you will lose what you are supposed to have. Know how to be satisfied with your life now.
  2. There will never be a real deadlock while you still have faith. As long as you have faith, you will have hope and find a way to move on.
  3. Even if you don’t want to grow up, you still have to grow up. So be strong and mature.
A motivational status.
A motivational status.

5. Life always has many unsatisfactory happenings that we cannot avoid. The only thing you can do is to change your perspective on it.

6. Hope only exists when you make the effort. If you do not dare to do anything, all this life is only regret.

7. When there is enough sunshine, the flowers will bloom. When there is enough wind, break will spin. Enough love will fill your happiness.

8. Nothing is impossible for someone who always tries.

9. Thinking too much will ruin you. Destroying reality, changing everything around you, making you nervous and making things worse than you think. Therefore, do not think too much!

10. Anyone trying to “drown” you down, they are inferior to you. Believe in yourself.

  1. An arrow to move forward must be pulled back. So, when life pushes you backwards, you just need more motivation to move forward.
  2. Do not lose yourself when trying to hold onto people without caring about losing you. Be yourself!
  3. Do the tough things when they’re easy and do the great things when they’re small. The journey of a thousand miles begins with each step.
  4. Stop noticing your difficulties but be grateful for what you have.
  5. Time passed like an eraser erasing all the pain.

Group of motivational whatsapp status about giving up the sadness and cheering up again.

  1. There are times when you want to cry loudly, because it is too pity. There are times when you want to go crazy once, because the mind is too depressed. It’s also the time when you want to swear out, because it’s uncomfortable inside. There are times when I just want to sit alone quietly, because I am really tired.
  2. Happiness does not depend on who you are and what you do. It depends on what you think.
  3. Look down to see how many luckier people in this life we ​​are. And look up to see that in this life we ​​need to work harder.
  4. Life is like a camera.So, let’s focus only on the important things, keep good moments in life. If one photo is damaged, don’t throw the camera away, happily take another.
  5. No matter how difficult things are, always step forward. You only fail when you give up all your efforts. The opposite of victory is not failure but giving up.

21. Life is too short to wake up every morning with regret. Appreciate those who treat you nicely. Forgive mistakes that are forgivable, and believe that everything in the world that happens has its cause. If life gives you a chance, take it. If that opportunity changes your life, accept it.

22. If you keep complaining about the same sadness and the same little thing, you will forever immerse yourself in failure and live a trivival life. Remember, even the worst day has only 24 hours.

23. If you are too tired, please take a break. Don’t always force yourself to endure all that.

24. We cannot change the past, but we can learn from our failures to change the future.

25. Life is not always flat, but sometimes we face many difficulties and challenges. They are the things that have helped us to perfect ourselves.

  1. Sometimes no matter how bad things are going, just a little care from someone is okay!
  2. When everything is against you, remember that planes are always taking off against the wind.
  3. Always smile, then your life will be less tired and stressful.
  4. Do the tough things when they’re easy and do the great things when they’re little. A journey of a thousand miles always begins with single steps.
  5. If you stop worrying, life changes very quickly in a very positive way.
Cheer yourself up in any circumstance.

Group of motivational whatsapp status about the truth.

  1. I’ve always thought that loyalty is a tiring virtue.
  2. Behind an interesting story, there are many unexpected truths. And behind the appearance of a person, there are always pain.
  3. Modern life is like a machine that swings us on a reel. The more technology develops, the easier it is to connect with each other, the lonelier people become.
  4. In our lives, we should let everything be natural.
  5. Sometimes when being sad and bored, I want to say and share my sadness with the person I think is closest to, but suddenly I realized, only me with me.
  1. Life is like a game, winning is fun, happiness is all.
  2. I still cannot understand what is human heart, much less can I understand my own position in the hearts of the others ..
  3. We do not know how many times people give up. But when there’s only a little effort and a little more persistence, we will achieve success.
  4. In your life, there are certainly many things that do not satisfy you, make you discouraged and tired. Life is like that. No one is born suitable for this life. Therefore you will need to adapt to suit this life.
  5. Life is long days, but being long does not mean being sad forever …
  1. Life never only brings happiness, never only brings pain. Overcoming hardships, challenges, and pain are also overcoming yourself to rise up and live beneficial life.
  2. You can never know how many versions you have through the mouth of others. How much harm you say, the more you can not stop the words. That is not true. What you can do is ignore it, even without clarifying what to do, people who understand you will always trust you.
  3. Growing up is not learning how to express, but learning to accep. When you gradually control everything, you can hold a beautiful life.
  4. Everyone will have times of fatigue. No one can carry all the hurts. Everyone will have to go through such a time, learning how to grow up themselves.
  5. Instead of hating yourself for what is not there, please love yourself for everything you hold in your hand.
  1. ​​There are people who passed away from my life, marked my life, not carved ugly scars on it.
  2. Man is born to be himself. So, never try to hide or change yourself for anyone. Just be confident and let the world know who you really are. That is your fateful role.
  3. One of the best things in life is this: realizing that you are completely happy without the things you assume you must have.
  4. Whenever tired on the way you have chosen, tell yourself: “Go on, don’t stop. Each step can be more difficult, but don’t stop. The best view is at the top ”.
  5. Don’t think about the past forever. It only brings tears. Don’t think much about the future. It only brings fear. Always live with a smile on your lips. It will bring joy to you.
Behind an interesting story, there are many unexpected truths. And behind the appearance of a person, there are always pain.

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