Hypnosis drinks make people temporarily forget everything before, at which point they are no longer aware of what happened in the past. This is especially useful for those who have had great grief in the past, or those who can not suffer from the painful of being abandoned.

Effect of the hypnosis drinks.

When we absorb the hypnosis drink, our body falls into an unconscious state. And we are completely unaware of our emotional instinct.

All of our senses lose emotion and cannot control our own actions. At this time, we will follow the other people’s command.

Hypnosis drinks wipe away all our memories from before. They make people cough like a plant man disoriented.

They lead human to a state of brainwashing. Therefore, they remove all the memories from the past.

Hypnosis drinks will wipe away all our memories from before.

Who should use the hypnosis drinks?

People with cancer, excruciating pain.

People with psychosis, or disturbance and can not control their behavior.

People played gambling and cheated money from each other.

The family having suspicions of a mistress or adultery can also use this product to be honest with each other.

In the criminal investigation to decide who are guilty.

How to use the hypnotherapy products?

  • Each time we mix 2-3 drops in a 150ml glass of water and then shake it up for about 5-7 minutes after the exam is ok to drink.
  • We should mix with filtered water and fresh water to ensure the best effect of the product.
  • Note: Do not mix in alcohol, beer, or water with a high alcohol level because it will reduce the effects of the medicines.
Use hypnosis drinks to treat isomina.
Use hypnosis drinks to treat isomina.

Symptoms of absorbing hypnosis drinks.

People absorbing the these products are very easy to be recognized.

Laughing or chatting continuously without knowing what to say.

Head spinning, a little dizzy.

Symptoms of aborbing the hypnosis drinks.
Symptoms of aborbing the hypnosis drinks.

When we ask them, they will say all the things that happened in the past.

Follow what we say immediately.

Who absolutely must not use these products?

Children under the age of 10.

People with autoclave or congenital nervous system problems.

People with heart disease.

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