Are your having trouble controlling your monthly expense, saving and addressing all financial commitments? Are you usually in the situation that all your earnings getting drained out due to several accounts payable? Are you finding a solution for this matter? Then the 6 Jars Money Management App is absolutely for you. Why? Follow this article to know!

What are The 6 Jars Money Management System?
What are The 6 Jars Money Management System?

What are The 6 Jars Money Management System?

In the well-known “Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind”, T.Harv Eker has introduced this magical 6 Jars System which leads you to your financial freedom in the fastest way. It is also a relatively simple and friendly concept that everyone can understand and apply, that’s why it’s such a popular way of controlling money flow nowadays.

This system requires you to divide your money into six different accounts or jars containing certain percentages of your income. Specifically, they are Necessary Accounts (55%), Financial Freedom Account (10%), Long-term Savings for Spending Account (10%), Education Account (10%), Play Account (10%), and Giving Account (5%). Every one of these jars is essential and you should put your money into them as the following percentage, regardless of how much you earn. Over time, you will watch them continue to grow on your journey to financial freedom.

For deeper understandings of what is in each jar and the purposes of each account, you can go to my previous article 6 Jars System: The Secret To Build A Millionaire Mindset.

Who Would This Budget Work Best For?

As I said before, this budgeting method is really simple and easy to use, so obviously, it’s suitable for anyone. Even if you’re an adult, or teenager, or even a kid, it still works effectively. However, it works best for those who know well what they value and understand where the money is going.

This is because the opposite side of this 6 jars system is that lack of detail since the 6 different accounts are for quite general purposes to cover all fields, as well, there are so many expenses and payables in one’s life. As a result, it’s possible to lose track of where your money going.

But don’t take this matter too seriously as everything has its own solutions. This isn’t a major problem so long as your finances are under control and you know what your financial values are. How? The answer lies in the app 6 Jars Money Management.

The 6 jars app
The 6 jars app

What Makes The 6 Jars App So Valuable

Not only personal cash flows can the 6 Jars App track but also other bigger money amounts used for your business!

This is the best budgeting app overall, which is appropriate for everyone. The 6JMM is investigated and built up by Alan Al Voice Lab. It bases on the 6 Jars Method by T.Have Eker, dividing your money into 6 different jars: Necessities, Financial Freedom, Long-term saving for spending, Education, Play and Give accounts.

The application will calculate your spending by day, week, month and extract the report to excel. Then it will suggest the ideal spending model for users to adjust.

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