Parents often fail to realize that their daily actions have a very bad impact on their children’s subconscious mind and his psychological development.

1. The parent’s imposition on children has a very negative impact on their subconscious mind.

For example, parents often force their children:

You can’t do this
Don’t do that
You should do this
You should do that

The subconscious will say, “You can’t decide, you can’t … and you shouldn’t decide.” Then when the child grow up, he will be very afraid of making madecisions, getting commitments and taking responsibility for their decisions.

Toxic parents are the ones who impose everything on their children.

2. Disparaging your children

“You are so bad.
You don’t study.
Why do you always go to school late?”

⇒ The subconscious in your child will determine: “I’m doll; I’m picky” and conclude that “I am NEVER GOOD”When he grows up, he will be inferiority complex. And every criticism will make him depressed. He even attacks the person who criticizes him instead of receiving it to better himself.

3. Being always doubtful about what your children says will destroy their subconscious mind.

You never believe your children. Thus, your children don’t trust you. They just trust the people on the street.

Therefore, in order to make your children believe in you, you must trust them first.

When parents don’t believe their children, the children don’t trust them either.

4. Comparing your children with other people is not good for their subconscious development.

“Do you see that your friends eat very well. Why do you eat so badly!
Do you see that the boy in our neighborhood is so industrious. Why are you so lazy?”

The child’s conscious mind understand all of those questions. But the subconscious mind will understand as follows:

“Someone is more diligent than me
Someone is better than me”.

comparing your children with the other people will not have good impact on their subconscious mind development.

⇒ The subconscious concludes that the whole world is better than him. And when that child grows up, it is not uncommon for him to have inferiority complex.

Our children are driving the car of life themselves. Our mission is to let them drive the car of their own life. Allow them to fall. Let them get lost. Let me learn their own lessons through their mistakes. Give them a lot of experience so that they subconsciously take note of their own experiences .

You born your children, but you should let them take 100% responsibility for their own life. When you close your eyes and let your children clear up their own consequences, you begin to embark on a parenting journey.

In conclusion, as parents, you should understand our children and find out the best ways to raise them, help them have a happy life and a bright future.

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