The cafe is a current favorite trend for most young people and adults every meeting, party or event, etc. So, why don’t you choose a vintage cafe that evokes your subconscious mind strongly? You can both find your subconscious and do your own tasks. Here are the 5 most unique subconscious cafe trends as follows:

What is a subconscious cafe?

Do you know what a subconscious cafe is? The subconscious cafe is a phrase used to refer to cafes’ decoration towards concepts that evoke your subconscious mind easily and effectively.

To learn more about the subconscious cafe, please refer to the following cafe concept as follows:

Vintage concept

The vintage concept is not strange to both young people and adults anymore. The highlight of this style is the harmony between old color and modern color, which focuses much on classic, simple, old space. It could be frayed chairs, old faded frames along with time or corny patterned curtains. Therefore, the vintage cafe often brings a relaxing and comfortable feeling for those who love peace. It is also suited for evoking subconsciousness including your memories, thoughts and habits.

Many people choose vintage subconscious cafes to create the habit of reading, working alone, relaxing, and going deep into memories of old Hanoi. It can be said that the vintage is one of the concepts for a subconscious cafe that evokes your subconscious mind.

Library concept

Just like the vintage style, the library concept, also known as the book cafe, is a popular trend recently. This is often for serving book lovers, intellectual businessmen who need quiet space to work and think. To pursue this style, space needs to be really spacious, comfortable and quiet. It is especially for working, reading, learning and programming the subconscious mind.

Book cafes’ owners often invest in bookcases with a variety of books such as relaxation solutions, ways to control the subconscious mind, ways to change better, etc. They also help you program your subconscious mind. Instead of spending time on other personal activities, you can try going to these library concepts of subconscious cafes at least once. It will help the subconscious become more positive and optimistic.

Bohemian concept

What’s the Bohemian? It is a blend of ancient and modern color, which creates more uniqueness, more freedom and especially it does not follow a certain standard. This is the most different from other popular concepts, so it attracts people who care about their subconscious a lot.

The decoration of these cafes is colorful brocade textile motifs with sparkling metal chandeliers. It is very useful for using hypnosis on someone who wants to access his subconscious. Moreover, space also brings a sense of comfort and warmth to customers as well as easily finds the values ​​of your subconscious.

What will you do in a subconscious cafe?

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