Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce you to a method of understanding your inner needs. You can do this by no means easy. Usually, you will need a coach or a professional trainer. If you want to communicate but inexpensive, you need an alternative tool. Here I will introduce to you the method of talk to the subconscious with APP RESUMIND, which is the most economical method of knowing your inner needs.

What is the subconscious? The application talks to the subconscious- RESUMIND

The subconscious makes up 90% of the human brain, while consciousness makes up only the remaining 10%. If the human brain is an iceberg, the subconscious will determine the direction of the iceberg. The subconscious mind determines all human actions, feelings, and emotions. Communicating in the subconscious will help you to be aware of your needs. However, not everyone can find the real needs within themselves. Knowing what we need, how we need it will avoid many conflicts and negative thoughts in life when you do not meet your own needs.

To avoid the waste of looking for a mentor who takes you deep inside, you just need to install RESUMIND. Let’s bring messages that stimulate your inner desires into this app. RESUMIND is a combination of alarm, voice recording, notes, reminders, and text to speech technology that converts text into human voice. At the time you preset, you will understand an idea of what you want internally.

When is the best time to go into the subconscious?

There is a time that is considered the golden moment of each day, the best time to communicate with the subconscious. That is every morning when we wake up. At that time, our subconscious is open to the new day. The golden moment of waking up determines 70% of the body’s state. It will also be easier to change the subconscious at this time and bring higher efficiency. Using RESUMIND to talk to the subconscious will help you get to know the person inside at the right moment.

Why talk to the subconscious?

Remember that the subconscious is the place that decides all human actions. What the subconscious wants is very difficult to find out. Therefore, you need to subconsciously exchange information every day. You must know what you want today. Let pay attention to the subconscious often to find your needs and the purpose of life. APP RESUMIND helps you know your needs in your subconscious.

Why must choose the right time? What is the benefit of choosing the right time?

At the time when your subconscious is open, it’s easy to go deep into your subconscious mind to find out what your needs are. Hence, the golden moment is the right time to communicate with the subconscious.

Talk to the subconscious at the golden time determines 70% of the body state for the whole day. Moreover, telling with the subconscious cheerful, cheering messages also increases good energy.

People’s subconscious that is pressured and stressed, hear cheering praise in the early morning, which is good for positive thinking to develop.

Early in the morning, when you wake up, you face a lot of thoughts about family and children and work, which causes mental stress. RESUMIND can send cheerful messages to relieve your pressure.

Pupils and students have a lot of pressure to check old papers. Early morning systematization of knowledge reduces a lot of pressure when memorizing. Moreover, this also improves learning efficiency, creates positive thinking, making students no longer afraid to memorize.

Benefits of using APP RESUMIND

  • Save time. Just take a moment after waking up, listening to your pre-set messages, or you can listen and work.
  • Stress-free learning!
  • Learning as soon as you wake up
  • Increase learning efficiency, especially, memorizing by 200%
  • Help set up positive thinking, systematize knowledge
  • Create a powerful source of motivation for the users
  • Aim to dream and help people to become aware of maturity quickly

How to use the app that talks to the subconscious

Open the app on your phone from the night before:

1.Step 1: Choose when to install the subconscious. (Recommendation: should choose the time to wake up, the time to start the day)

2.Step 2: Copy the content to be installed into your subconscious mind (brain). (Recommended: content to memorize or anything positive or good)

3.Step 3: Save, rest, and wait until the alarm rings.

4.Step 4: Tap on the screen and continue to relax so the app emits preset messages on its own.

5.Step 5: Relax or recite the messages until you memorize them.

How to install APP RESUMIND

Currently, APP RESUMIND is available on the Android CH Play of the app store.

You need to open CH Play. Then, search for RESUMIND and install it on your computer. Besides, you can also refer by clicking HERE.

I wish you a successful installation!

Some messages use to change subconscious mind:

The message is pre-installed by default:Today is a great day!

1.In all respects, my life is very rich.

2.I succeed in everything I do.

3.My life fills with love and good things.

4.I have absolute guidance and protection.

5.I attract joy and money into my life.

6.I am happy and grateful to live.

7.I believe all good things are happening.

8.I love and am loved.

9.I can do anything.

10.I make a difference in this world.

11.I am a wonderful person.

The message contains the lesson content;

Daily reminder messages;

The dream constructive message;

The cheering message of those I love:

Sharing of some people who have used APP RESUMIND to talk with their subconscious:

A student, who graduated, was born in 98, said: Before waking up, he did not know what to do every day. He did not know where to go but still had to wake up. Actually, he always worked in a state of inefficiency. After a while using RESUMIND, he listened to cheerful uplifting encouraging messages, which made him want to go to work and became happier. He could do everything. Moreover, he had always felt loved and protected.

Previously, if you wanted to talk to the subconscious, you needed to pay a huge fee for the trainers, the experts in this field. Therefore, through the research and development process, we have launched APP RESUMIND. It is the optimal combination of alarm, recording, note, reminder, and Text to Speech technology. This application will help you to save maximum time and money so that you know the purpose of life. Innovative self-development application breakthrough. RESUMIND installs subconscious helps users to change their subconscious.

If you feel like our application, please share it with many people. Hope, helping people to develop themselves is always the goal for us to move forward.

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APP: REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND helps in self-development and studying while sleeping. It evokes powerful sources of energy every day through sight and hearing. Therefore, Please use APP: REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND because it’s awesome.

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