Don’t base on your business as a good excuse for not revising for the entrance university examination. Please immediately refer to the subconscious studying method to be able to take advantage of even the time for sleeping. By this way, you can prepare enough knowledge for your university entrance examination.

What is the subconscious studying method?

Subconscious studying method helps you save time, optimize free time to self-study. You can turn the programs of your core subject on and let them run unconsciously. While studying, you can do other things or even sleeping. This is the same as if you are listening to music or the radio but still work . With subconscious studying method, you can study anytime, anywhere. Therefore, you can take advantage of the limited time of the day to study. It is especially useful when you have to learn so many subjects and doesn’t have enough time to sleep.

The scientific basis of the subconscious learning method:

Subconscious studying method
Subconcious learning method.

1.The subconscious dominates 80% of the human activities:

The subconscious dominates most of each person’s actions. It is a process of simulation we re-programmed from the moment we are born or it is formed by time long enough. The subconscious is a necessary condition for us to be able to do many things at the same time, such as driving while listening to music, or working while listening to the radio. In short, when we can do many activities at the same time, understand that it is a process that the subconscious programmed in the mind.

The ultimate goal of learning is to use that knowledge as common thing in our daily life. In order to do that, knowledge must become part of the subconscious, in other words. We need to reflect that knowledge with unconscious power. And that is why the subconscious learning method has become effective and popular for a lot of people.

2. How to impact the subconscious

Learning even while sleeping with resumind app
Learning even while sleeping.

Our goal is to find a way to make the most of our subconscious power, use it for our own benefit. In particular, it is to study effectively for the university entrance examination . The subconscious is a reflex layer of the brain that is very difficult to be affected directly. Unlike consciousness, nothing can easily control the human subconscious . Therefore, we can not have the impact on the subconscious for any purpose directly. Learning can be subconscious too.

In order to impact on our subconsciousness, every day, we must create a quiet place where no external factors can annoy us. For example, we will spend 30 minutes before going to bed to listen to or watch programs of the core subjects. We can also take advantage of an audio headset while we are nodding on the morning school bus. And of course, it has to be done regularly, over and over for an enough amout of time.

According to some research on the brain, the “most fragile” subconscious time to act is when the brain is in a state between awake and sleep. At that time, the thought will no longer dominate the brain and the subconscious was very open to receiving passive information. That is why the subconscious method of learning often associates with the phrase “learning even while sleeping”.

In short, the scientific basis of the revising method for the examination is to take advantage of the principle of brain activity, the unconscious impact while the brain is not dominated by external factors, through the means like sound; from there, making the use of knowledge a natural reaction.

How to apply the method of studying for university entrance examination subconsciously?

The most common form of learning with this method is unconscious listening. To do that, we can:

Turn on the lesson program while doing other work

Have you ever listened to a song on purpose but you can memorize it? Or are there information we keep in mind while listening to TV while eating? That’s because you subconsciously learned. Let’s try it with learning your core subject.

We can search and find videos and audio of the lessons on the topics that interest you, with useful information. We can turn them on while doing something like studying or working. After a few repetitions, we can write these information into our memory. And the more often you repeat, the longer you can memorize. Of course, renew the topic if you want to absorb even more information.

2. Turn on the program of your lesson while you are sleeping.

Revising the lesson while sleeping-one way to save time.

Even when we are sleeping, our subconscious is at work. The manifestation is that we are still experiencing drowsiness, sometimes sleep paralysis, and sometimes we still feel what’s going on.

In a study published in Nature Communications in 2017, neuroscientist at PSL Research University (France) said: “We have shown that humans can learn while sleeping. . “

During the experiment, the volunteers participating were asked to sleep while the room were full the melodious sounds of the songs. As a result, when they wake up, most are able to tell about how they feel and what kind of music they heard while sleeping. Accordingly, research has shown that the brain has the ability to create new memories and receive information to convey even when people are in a sleep state.

In addition, through this study, experts recommend that you should practice subconscious learning in the early stages of sleep, when you have not slept deeply. That is because this memory effect of the brain also depends on the stage of sleep. The deeper sleep is, the less effective will be and vice versa.

In short, you should absolutely take advantage of the 7-8 hours of sleep to passively absorb knowledge. It’s a way of learning that saves you time but can still remember as much information as possible.

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