When learning how to do subconscious meditation, you can awaken your potential energies to control emotions, habits and thoughts. With this method, you will avoid many physical and mental illnesses to enjoy a healthy life.

Subconscious meditation helps you get balanced in your life.
Subconscious meditation helps you get balanced in your life.

Meditation is a way to reduce stress and help you connect with yourself better. So do you know that you can also awaken the hidden energy in your body while doing subconscious meditation? Let’s learn together about this method .

What is subconscious meditation?

Subconscious meditation is part of yoga whose main purpose is to awaken the energy accumulated in the lower part of the spine. This energy is also known as Mars and it is a very powerful primitive energy source. When you awaken this energy, you will have deeper insights and greater happiness.

Similar to your daily bathing habit, subconscious meditation is one way to help you “clear” your mind. This is a way to refresh yourself after a stressful day. It also help you manage the temporary anxiety. Subconscious meditation helps balance your energy and calms your mind so that you can control your emotions better.

Subconscious meditation is one way to help you “clear” your mind and control your emotion.
Subconscious meditation is one way to help you “clear” your mind and control your emotion.

It is not a belief or religion but it’s a way to release the energy that exists within yourself. This energy source gives you awareness about your body as well as your mind.

Benefits of subconscious meditation.

In general, the benefits of subconscious meditation revolve around bringing about a deeper realization of life.

-Help increase creativity.
-Bring the connection with the body.
-Increase cognitive abilities.
-Strengthen the health of the nervous system.
-Help to breathe more properly and increases lung capacity.
-Change patterns of thought and emotional balance.
-Bring balance to mind, body and soul.
-Help to get rid of stress and find peace.
-Help to focus and block unexpected thoughts.
-Break down from daily unconscious habits and help you act more deliberately.

How to practice subconscious meditation?

You can practice subconscious meditation every day. Just 5 minutes of doing this meditation, you can get many benefits. To practice basic subconscious meditation, you can follow these steps.

  1. Choose the right place to meditate: You should meditate in a place where you feel peaceful and focused. This place can be bedroom, reading room, garden. Whatever you choose, keep a bottle of water with you.

2. Wear comfortable clothes: Wear clean, loose, comfortable cotton clothing. You should also prioritize light-colored clothing to increase the feeling of lightness and comfort.

3. Arrange the time to meditate: You can practice subconscious meditation when you wake up in the morning. You can also practice meditating before bed at night. However, you should not meditate after a meal because at this time the blood is no longer concentrated in the brain and you will not meditate effectively.

Subconscious meditation-a wonderful way to protect your mental and physical health.
Subconscious meditation-a wonderful way to protect your mental and physical health.

4. Practice meditation: You can either sit cross-legged on the floor or sit on a chair and let your feet touch the ground. Keep your spine straight. Alternatively, you can also cover a wool or cotton blanket underneath your seat for more comfort. Then, gently close your eyes.

5. Limit meditation time: Some common times are 11 minutes, 15 minutes, 22 minutes, 31 minutes …

6. Focus on breathing: Focus your attention on your breath and slowly slow your breathing. Adjust yourself so that each inhalation and exhalation lasts about 7-8 seconds.

7. Feel the breath: When you practice breathing, focus on how the breath moves through your body. It helps you feel more relaxed.

8. Ending the session: End your meditation by taking a deep breath, touching your palms together or holding your hands up. Then, relax and breathe out.

9. Gradually increase your meditation time: After a while, you will find yourself meditating gradually for longer. This is when you should gradually increase your meditation time. Let your thoughts come and go in your mind as well as focus on feeling the energies moving along your spine.


The subconscious meditation routine will help you control your breathing, habits, and emotions. Therefore, it helps you build a healthier lifestyle. It’s a wonderful method to protect your mental and physical health that you should do every day.

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