We’re all looking for ways to save money. And, whether it’s by foregoing that $4 mocha coffee once a week or postponing an exotic family trip, everyone has their own method of saving. Use these money-saving tips below to generate ideas about the best ways of saving money in your day-to-day life, especially notice the 6 Money Jars Method as it’s worth it.

6 money jars method
money jars method

1. Pay Yourself First

Set up an auto-debit from your checking account to your savings account each payday. Whether it’s $50 every two weeks or $500, don’t cheat yourself out of a healthy long-term savings plan.

2. Get discounts on entertainment

Take advantage of free days at museums and national parks to save on entertainment costs. You can also ask about discounts for seniors, students, military members, and more.

3. Restrict online shopping

Make it more difficult to shop online. Instead of saving your billing information, force yourself to input your shipping address and credit card number each time you order. You’ll probably make fewer impulse purchases.

4. Take a “Staycation”

This method is really fun to do, it might even be more joyful when taking “staycation”. Though the term may be trendy, the thought behind it is solid: instead of dropping several thousand on airline tickets overseas, look in your own backyard for fun vacations close to home. If you can’t drive the distance, look for cheap flights in your region.

5. The Best Saving Secret: the 6 Money Jars Method

This methodology is really famous and common to most people. Every good money manager would definitely find this concept very familiar. Developed by T.Harv Eker, the 6 Money Jars Method has been seen as a method that is simple, useful, and suitable for everybody at every age. Besides, it has been witnessed to work effectively in real life.

Basically, according to the system, you divide your money into six different accounts, or jars, in which you put a certain percentage of your money. Each one contains a specific purpose gear towards reaching financial freedom.

Necessity Account (NEC – 55%)

Financial Freedom Account (FFA – 10%)

Long-term Saving Account (LTS – 10%)

Education Account (EDU – 10%)

Play Account (PLY – 10%)

Give Account (GIV – 5%)

6 money jars method of T Harv Eker
6 money jars method

It would be really amazing if there is an application that recapitulates all of these 6 jars to help you deal with your financial stress. And actually, THERE IS AN APPLIANCE like that in fact! It’s down below!

6 Money Jars Method: Save best for the rainy days with the 6JMM App

The process of making up the list is hard, anyway, the stage of following the plan and keeping it as a habit is even harder. The best solution for you is the “6 Jars Money Management App”.

This app not only satisfies users with its friendly designed look but also the other outstanding features that other money management apps don’t have! By applying the well-known 6 Money Jars Method, it is absolutely effective with anyone of any age. Moreover, the app is also really simple to use, you just have to follow the instruction while using the app and over time, you will get to the successful final result!

Get the app today and achieve your financial independence!

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