Families always want obedient children. However, they don’t always obey their parents. Yelling, anger, even a spanking can’t solve it. Some ways to teach your children without a whip: 7 golden rules will help parents teach their children more effectively.

Many people feel that having a good child is due to luck. But in fact, to teach a child to obey needs to have the right teaching method.

Children cry, do not obey, there are causes. Sometimes scolding and whipping only make children good temporarily but will leave an obsession for children in the future.

Here are some ways to teach your children without a whip: 7 golden rules.

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Method 1: How to teach children without a whip: Always spend time talking.

So that raise children well, every family needs to talk to understand every change in their child’s thinking. Know what your child likes and wants, then find a method to teach. Children should not be hurt by parental authority.

When the family has judgments or opinions about something of the child, you let say “Parents’ thoughts are….” so that the child feels respected and happily accepts the family’s opinions.

Method 2: Be a good role model for your children to study.

The best way to teach children without a whip is to be an example for them to follow. Families who want to teach their children anything should set an example for their children to learn. Because children tend to learn from people’s actions, if you teach them that your actions go against what you say, they will never listen.

For example, if you want your child to learn how to clean up. However, if you often throw things around, your children will learn more from your actions than words.

Children have a lot of mistakes and questions that make it easy for parents to explode with negative emotions. Teaching children when they have bad feelings can cause parents to act a bit too much. For everything, the family should learn to control emotions.

Method 3: Let your children experience things for themselves.

Give your children the freedom to experience everything in life. Childhood experiences will set the stage for children to develop.

When your children are young, give them the freedom to play and experience life. From the fun games themselves, teach your children about love and responsibility. In addition, teach your child how to behave appropriately in all situations in life.

Method 4: Be consistent in all family rules.

How to teach children without a whip, families always need to agree on principles. If when you are teaching your child about his mistakes like in the family, there is an advocate at this time that he is still right, your children think you are just overdoing it. Besides, if your children repeat the same mistake but are not punished, they still feel you are right.

There should be fairness with the children in your family. Almost every family has discrimination against children. Especially, the younger children are always given more attention or that the older child always needs to comply with all my opinions. Maybe my brother does it wrong because they are older, I was right because I am young, which always leads to jealousy in children. Children always do anything right or wrong to get attention.

Children are more sensitive to changes in life than you think. Every family should agree on all the rules. And the principle should apply to all members without exception.

Method 5: The way to teach children without a whip is to train them from a young age.

It is never too early to raise a good child. Each family age should have appropriate parenting methods. However, all must be based on common family principles. All members must adhere to the no-exception principle.

If your children are young, patiently explain the principles to them. When you can answer the question “Why should I?” for children, they will remember and follow the rules yourself.

When you are a little older, you can let your child participate in small chores around the house. This will teach your child about family responsibility along with training children with life skills later.

Method 6: Give your child space to develop freely according to their interests.

Teaching your children does not mean they always have to do everything you want them to or that they always have to follow the path you choose because it’s good. Each child has his or her own unique abilities and interests. Give your child time to develop his or her own unique interests and passions.

In addition, the family should stop comparing the children with the image of someone’s children, which causes a lot of negative emotions, fear, and low self-esteem. Invisible pressures from the family make children feel guilty about life.

Method 7: Give your children positive thoughts to always develop themselves

Some ways to teach children without a whip always gives them a positive thought in life. In addition to letting your child know what is right and wrong in everyday life, you should give your child the motivation to do right. Positive thoughts will be the motivation to guide children to the right action. For your child to always have positive thoughts about life, it’s best to teach your children neurolinguistic programming (NLP) from an early age.

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The above are some ways to teach your children without a whip: 7 golden rules. Hopefully, this article will help everyone in raising children.

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