In a motivational interviewing for job, it’s not easy to evaluate and review the people who are best suited for position you want to hire. In addition to your expertise, you also need to consider the candidate’s motivation and interests. These two things will help employers find the most suitable staff for the company.

Normally, the open-ended questions are used to better understand the personality, work style and motivation of the candidate to suit for the job. Here are 6 interview questions which helps you discover the candidate’s goals and desires. Let’s refer together.

1. The first motivational interviewing question: “What do you like and dislike about this position?”

It seems to be a difficult interviewing question. But it should give you an insight into how much candidates will really like the role when they start and whether they understand the position they applied for or not.

The motivational interviewing question
The first motivational interviewing question: “What do you like and dislike about this position?”

If they’re excited about the tasks, that’s great. But if they don’t like those things, then they will have problems with this job. Potential candidates don’t necessarily like every aspect of the job, but you can still see how they can understand and accept what they’re not good at. A good response for a client service position will be like: “I enjoy interacting with many people in my work. Honestly, I don’t like paperwork but I can do it if it makes my job smoother.

2. The second interesting motivational question: “If we hired you, how long do you think you’ll be here?

Surely you will not want to choose a candidate for training and then move on to another company. So this interview question may reveal whether or not they are serious about their careers.

The second interesting motivational question
The second interesting motivational question: “If we hired you, how long do you think you’ll be here?

Actually, this is an estimated question. Candidates can only promise. That’s why observing their body language is very important while they answer all these questions. A candidate is more likely to stick with the company if they have an answer like this: “I am looking for a stable job and I want your company to be the right place”.

You should not choose a candidate who just says that they will stick with the company forever because this is a bit impractical. People will change through the time. That’s our lives.

3. Why do you think this new job will be better than your current or your old job?

The candidate must have a reason to leave and they must think that your company is better than the other options. What makes them choose this company? Or are you just one of those who responded to their job application? This interview question might uncover what motivates them to apply and whether they can work for the long term with the company or not.

Try asking this question if you want the best candidates for your company. If they can’t give any reasons, there’s a big chance they’re just looking for whatever job they can get.

4. The fourth motivational interviewing question you should try: “What do you like about your recent job?”

Firstly, you will not expect your candidates to say that they like everything, so they don’t have to leave. Secondly, you will not like the candidate to be too negative to say that there is nothing that interests them.

What you should be looking for is a balanced answer that reflects some of the things the new role will have, for example: “I like my colleagues. All of us have combined very well and created a pleasant working atmosphere ”.

This is a great answer as it shows that you get along well with others and value good working relationships.

5. What motivates you to work best?

This is another way of assessing whether a candidate is passionate and excited about the position and how he or she can assure their jobs. With the answer to this interview question, the recruiter can know whether the candidate’s motivation is appropriate for the role or not. And determine if the candidate is conscious enough to know what motivates you.

What motivates you to work best?

A candidate who can quickly give a spontaneous and ingenious explanation of what keeps them motivated at work is a capable person for that vacancy position.

6. The sixth motivational interviewing question: How would you like to be managed?

Asking this question helps recruiters understand the degree of responsibility the candidate have and will ultimately allow them to determine if your company’s management style is suitble for the candidate’s expectations or not.

Discovering a candidate’s motivations and preferences is really a puzzle of wits, because you have to see if they’re actually giving a real answer or just a sample answer.
With the 6 above suggested interview questions, we hope that you will be able to discover the most potential candidate and make a right decision for the position you are hiring for.

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