Do you often feel inner resistance, right before doing something important? Do you usually meet the problems of being so negative? It’s all because of the negative thoughts stored in your subconscious mind, known as subconscious negativity. At the same time, the subconscious mind learns everything through repetition and if it isn’t trained well, it would permanently keep all the thoughts, including either positive and unhelpful ones. Wondering how to have your subconscious program to remove negativity and achieve what you want, follow this article!

Becoming Aware of Subconscious Mind Patterns

This is also the best and most effective technique to alter your negative subconscious mind patterns is awareness. Consequently, you can simply become aware of the subconscious patterns. Once you become aware, the additional actions required to make the change follow automatically.

To my experience, what helped me eliminate this issue was to develop body awareness. I started to become more and more aware of what my body was doing at any given point. So whenever my leg would start shaking, I would become aware of it within a few seconds as opposed to many minutes like before.

Body awareness not only helped me tackle this issue, but it also helped me become aware of tense body parts so I could relax them more often.

This is just one very small example of how you can overcome a subconscious habit by becoming aware of it.

subconscious negativity

Removing Negative Thoughts From Subconsicous Mind

You should always keep in mind that it is self-doubt which keeps you from achieving your goals and making them big in life.

So one of the first things that you need to do is Getting rid of this crippling self-doubt. Maybe you will find it challenging when you start out. However, if you practice frequently, after a time, you’ll get completely accustomed to this new situation. 

You can easily start by asking yourself to stop contemplating negatively about people. Remember this sentence: Do not tell yourself that you can’t do this. If you keep saying that to yourself, your brain will automatically believe it. As a result, instead of thinking negative thoughts about your inherent situation, try BELIEVING in YOURSELF for a change.

So from now on, each time you start doubting yourself for making a decision, reassure your subconscious with positive affirmations. Then apparently after a time of repeating this habit, you’ll witness a steady but significant positive transformation in your life.

Discredit All Negative Thoughts

After starting off with removing your self-doubt, you can then move on to discredit all the negative thoughts that cloud your consciousness. Always remember that there is no real truth to negative thoughts because life will never support them. When you develop positive insights about life and society, It will soon be embedded in your subconscious mind, which will eventually help you achieve your goals.

Forcus On The Things That Make You Happy

This method simply requires you to come up with a notebook and write about the things that make you incredibly happy.

Once you’ve done this, try to focus your attention on these things throughout the day. Whenever you focus your thoughts on joy, you’ll inadvertently activate the neural pathways of your brain… And that’ll help you train your subconscious mind faster.

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