You are finding it difficult to manage everything. Although you are still young, you feel too tired of life. There is a secret: RESUMIND – Mobile application helps you settings your own mind – change for success.

There’s a truth I always want to hide!

A person is born in a new era where anything changes very quickly. Even though I am a girl born in 1998, I again grasp outdated knowledge and way of thinking. When stepping into life, I do not have a foundation, lack of knowledge, goals, with a big ego. Born into a chaotic society, rote, and didn’t know what to study for.

What can we do without knowing where our future will go?

An information explosion suddenly struck and overturned every concept that I have learned. It tells me a real society is far from what I know. It tossed in my face a series of concepts from the sky. Everything I have is becoming outdated.

I feel extremely helpless without the knowledge and cannot do anything when life changes. I fell into crisis and severe stress. There are times when emotions overwhelm because of insecurity.

RESUMIND – The app settings the subconscious you want.

A small application on your mobile phone

Have you ever thought of a small application on a mobile phone to help you change? The first application on mobile phones helps users setting their subconscious at will.

The perfect combination inside the application

RESUMIND is the perfect combination of alarms, recording, notes, Ebook, along with Google’s text to speech technology that allows users to do many actions such as:

  • Voice alarm.
  • Remind every job by voice alarm.
  • Text to speech technology.
  • Subconscious settings are always progressive, always changing.
  • Cheer and encourage yourself to look forward to the future.
  • Increase learning productivity. Learning quickly and remember for a long time.
  • Stimulation in hearing, sight, along with imagination

Operation of the application

The basic operation of the application base on human behavior in the unconscious to find the law and the power of the human subconscious.

RESUMIND sets the subconscious the best when you are daydreaming. At this moment, the consciousness is temporarily closed so that the subconscious opens. The application puts everything you want to remember into the subconscious.

RESUMIND– Change for success

Intelligent people know they need a change to succeed. If they seriously look back at their own position, they may change. In other words, they always change themselves to adapt to life. When safe zones make them tired, they always learn to overcome.

RESUMIND-Learning hard to integrate into the future.

The world is always changing. The knowledge you have learned in school is already old. The cycle between new knowledge intake, advanced learning, and intensive study that tucks within the framework is a person talk- a person sits enduring. It’s haunting!

You always need a tool that provides you with new knowledge in life (both soft skills and specialist skills). RESUMIND is a passive learning application. It is always up to date with knowledge so that you can learn anywhere, anytime.

RESUMIND-learning method by the subconscious mind

Have you ever heard concepts like conscious, subconscious, spirituality? You are only interested in the conscious part but never mind the subconscious part. You don’t know what possibilities are hidden within yourself.

RESUMIND is a learning application with the human subconscious by google’s text to speech technology. This tool stimulates your ability to hear and imagine, brings knowledge into your subconscious mind, helps you learn quickly, remember for a long time, and increases the ability to memorize by 200%.

RESUMIND-confidently explore all potential possibilities

Each people always has safety zones set up in the subconscious mind. Changing yourself means stepping out of your safety zone, which is not at all easy.

Like a child who needs to be surrounded by family- a safe zone, and so are you. If the family knows how to encourage the child to discover things and be independent, you also need your own encouragement.

Everyone can completely use the application every day so that you can listen to the cheers, install confidence in your subconscious. You will step out of your comfort zone yourself. Besides, you will always constantly discover new things, add a lot of new knowledge.

What is RESUMIND used for?

Academic purposes:

Instead of sitting in a seat and yawning and listening to talkative people talk all day long or wasting your time and money, subconscious learning is a method that helps you save maximum money and time.

In the morning, as soon as turning off the alarm, when you are still struggling between awake and sleep, the app will play the lessons you have pre-set. You absolutely can do anything and study. You just need to listen and think about your lessons.

Purpose to change oneself:

You are beginning a new change that needs a lot of encouragement, but everyone around you stops it. Do not worried! This app allows users to install self-encouragement. Especially, if you set this encouragement in your golden time, your subconscious mind will change.

There are not many things that will make you tired and afraid. Your life won’t have psychological barriers. You are confident to step off your safety zones.

Install APP RESUMIND here

Most great strides in science have been made up of ridicule. All the great celebrities in the past have been seen as crazy when they come up with their own ideas.

It is a very reasonable saying that Joker- a famous character said: “They laugh at me because I am not like them. I laugh at them because they are too similar“. When you want to be more successful than others, you have to be different from them.

You are reading RESUMIND- Change for success. Hopefully, this article gives you a good look at yourself. Thank everyone so much! See you in the following article!

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