You are finding it difficult to manage everything. You are still young, but you feel too tired of life. There is a secret: RESUMIND- Mobile application that helps you settings mind- change for success.

I have a secret that I always want to hide!

A person is in a new era where things change very quickly. I am a girl born in 1998 – acquired a background of knowledge with outdated thinking. When stepping into life without foundation, lack of knowledge, no goals, with a big ego, I feel helpless with myself. Besides, in a chaotic society, study like a parrot, I don’t know what to study for.

What can we do without knowing where the future will go?

An information explosion comes suddenly, toppling every concept that I had learned. It tells me a real society is far from what I know. Besides, it tosses in my face a series of falling concepts from the sky. My things can become outdated.

Lack of knowledge, helplessness when I can not do anything when life changes day by day. I fell into crisis and severe stress. There are times when my emotions are overwhelmed by insecurity.

RESUMIND – The app installs the subconscious according to your wishes

A small application on a mobile phone

Have you ever thought of a small application on a mobile phone that can help you change? RESUMIND is the first mobile application that helps the users install the subconscious according to their wishes.

The perfect combination inside the application

RESUMIND is the perfect combination of alarm, recording, notes, Ebook, along with google text to speech technology. It allows the users to perform multiple operations such as:

  • Voice alarm.
  • Remind every job by voice.
  • Convert from text to human voice.
  • Install subconscious are always progressive and changing consecutively.
  • Encourage yourself to look forward to the future.
  • Increase learning productivity and learning fast, remembering for a long time.
  • Stimulation in hearing, sight, and imagination.

The operation of the application

The basic operation of the application base on research on human behavior in the unconscious. Hence, we can find the law and the power of the human subconscious.

RESUMIND installs the subconscious the best when you are in a dream state. During this moment, the consciousness temporarily closes, but the subconscious opens. The application puts everything you want to memorize into your subconscious.

RESUMIND- change for success

Smart people know that they need to change for success. They may change if they seriously look back at their own position. In other words, they always have a chance to adapt to life. When safe zones make them tired, they always learn to overcome.

RESUMIND- Lifelong learning to integrate into the future.

The world is always changing. The knowledge that you have learned in school just finished studying is already old. We are always in the cycle between new knowledge intake, advanced study, and intensive study. Tuck within the framework of a teacher talking, students sitting and enduring. What a haunting!

You need a tool that will give you new knowledge in life, from soft skills to specialist skills. RESUMIND is an option that is great best for you. This app is a passive learning application. It is always up to date with knowledge so you can learn anywhere, anytime.

RESUMIND- learning method by the subconscious

Have you ever heard about concepts like consciousness, subconsciousness, spirituality, etc? You are only interested in the conscious part. However, you rarely pay attention to the subconscious. You don’t know what possibilities are hidden within yourself.

RESUMIND is a learning application by the human subconscious. Google’s text-to-speech technology stimulates the ability to hear and imagine. Putting the knowledge into the subconscious mind, helping you learn quickly, remember for a long time, increase 200% of the ability to memorize.

RESUMIND- confidently discover all hidden possibilities

Each people always has safety zoning set by the subconscious. Changing yourself means stepping out of your safety zone, which is not at all easy.

Like a child who needs to be surrounded by family, so is a safe zone. However, if the family knows how to encourage the child to discover things, to be independent, you also will need encouragement from yourself.

You can set the cheerful messages so that RESUMIND cheers you up every day. Let the app install messages that encourage you into your subconscious to change for success.

Be present wherever you want to change:

Whenever you want to study or encourage yourself, you can use RESUMIND. The application always updates with useful lessons about uplifting words.

Everyone can completely use the application every day and hear cheers, install confidence in their subconscious. Besides, you will step out of your safety zone yourself. You will always constantly discover new things, add a lot of new knowledge.

What is APP RESUMIND used for?

Learning purposes:

Instead of sitting in a seat and yawning when listening to a person who talks all day or wasting your time and money, learning by the subconscious is a method that will help you maximize money and time-space.

In the morning, as soon as the alarm turns off. At this moment, you are still struggling between awake and sleep, APP RESUMIND will emit the lessons that you have pre-installed. Therefore, you absolutely can do anything while studying. You just need to listen and think about your lessons.

Purpose to change oneself:

When you are starting a new change, you need everyone to encourage you. However, everyone around you is blocking. Do not worry! APP RESUMIND allows users to install self-encouragement. Especially, if you set the time at the golden time of humans, your subconscious will change.

There are not many things that will make you tired and afraid, which make your life will be free of psychological barriers. Therefore, you will be able to step out of your safety zone.

Download the RESUMIND app at here.

For the most part, the great strides in science have been made up of ridicule. All the great celebrities in the past have been accused of being crazy about coming up with their own ideas.

There is a very reasonable saying from the Joker: They laugh at me because I am not like them, I laugh at them because they are too similar to each other. When you want to be more successful than others, you have to be different from them.

You are reading RESUMIND- A mobile application that helps you settings mind- change for success. Hopefully, this article will give you a good look at yourself. Thanks and see you in the following article!

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