According to an interesting theory, consciousness is simply the energy stored in our bodies and will be released after death, to find a new host.

Scientific explanation of reincarnation

What does science says about reincarnation?

In her book, “Life After Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives”, Dr. Tucker took a look at the scientific investigation of children’s past lives. interviewed 2,500 children showing signs of reincarnation – for example, having memories they have never experienced, or having scars, birthmarks that are similar to their presumed past lives.

A doctor in psychology from the University of Virginia said reincarnation is real, because consciousness is a form of energy that exists at the quantum level, subatomic, contained in our bodies. not a part of it.

Consciousness is still a mystery to the scientific community

However, exactly what consciousness is is still a mystery to the scientific community at large. Researchers are still struggling to come up with a specific explanation about it.

Reincarnation is real

According to some prestigious scientists around the world, quantum mechanisms allow consciousness to continue to exist after the human body dies.

Dr. Robert Lanza coined a concept “biocentrism”. It is a theory in which people released their consciousness into the universe through subatomic particles after death.

Dr. Tucker applied this hypothesis, adding that the released energy stream could search for a new host.

“Some of the leading scientists in the past, such as Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, used to see consciousness as the foundation and matter to conduct a research. He said, “This means that consciousness does not have to be dependent on a physical brain to exist. It can continue after the physical brain and the body dies.” “In those cases, at least based on what appeared to be, it seemed that consciousness will attach to a new brain, and manifest as memories of past lives.”

Specific evidence of reincarnation.

One of the people he interviewed was a boy James Leninger, the son of a Louisiana Christian couple. At the time of the interview, the boy was only 2 years old. But he liked his toy airplanes very much. However, he often has nightmares in which he was the victim of a plane crash.

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Why are we reincarnated as children of our parents?

Dr. Tucker continued: “During the interview, the boy talked about the plane crash. He said that he used to be a pilot. He flew the plane off from a ship.” And when his father asked for the ship’s name, he said it was Natoma. And he said the that Japanese shot him down; they murdered him at Iwo Jima; He had a friend on board, named Jack Larsen. “. “It turned out that there was an aircraft carrier named USS Natoma Bay. It operated in the Pacific during World War II. She took part in the battle at Iwo Jima.” “And they lost a pilot there, a young man named James Huston. They shot down the James Huston’s plane exactly the way James Leininger described it – the bullet hit the engine, exploded, fell into the water and sank in.” ticking “.

Dr. Tucker added: “Like most cases, that memory fades when the boy is 5, 6 or 7 years old, which is normal. But it was certainly there, pretty strong, in a period of time”.

Therefore, it’s not hard to believe that reincarnation is actually real.

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