According to research, the human brain is divided into two parts consciousness and subconscious. However, in reality, one only pays attention to part 2. Consciousness is forgetting the subconscious of man. They don’t know what subconscious programming is. They also do not know that the subconscious always accounts for 90% of thinking and actions. Consciousness makes up only about the remaining 10%. Subconscious always dominates actions, determines all emotions, states. Whatever we want comes from the subconscious mind. When your desire is big enough, the subconscious will attract resources that bring about successful results.

People working in the art field, such as painters, composers, poets…. All their ideas come from the subconscious. They can only compose when the subconscious takes control, no longer conscious of things happening around them. The artist focuses entirely on his work of composition. All you want is to let the subconscious know because it will get there extremely quickly. Therefore, you need to program your subconscious mind as you want to do that. Let’s program the subconscious by the application on mobile phone: APP RESUMIND.

What is programming the subconscious?

Programming the subconscious can understand as a method of changing the desires and needs of the person. However, instead of wanting a lot of things on the inside of your subconscious mind, you should focus on thinking a single try about something you really need at that moment, which is telling the subconscious what you need at the moment and just needs it. Each day, allow yourself to reprogram your subconscious mind, telling the soul deep inside you what you want. Think of the good changes you made to have made that wish. Every day, RESUMIND will help you reprogram your subconscious by communicating with people inside.

Why need to program the subconscious?

Programming the subconscious

Every day, we humans always have many needs that need to be met, and only one of these needs is truly necessary. We should tell our subconscious what we really want. By setting up our subconscious mind, at the beginning of each day, we know what we want. Hence, we will focus our work on achieving that desire, which shortens the time and effort that we must be spent.

Students always want a lot of things every time. However, what you really need is a good study. Because you want so many things, subconsciously forget what you really need. Let your subconscious mind remember what it should be. RESUMIND help you do it. Early in the morning, RESUMIND will issue messages that synthesize lesson content. Besides, the systematization of knowledge helps you to memorize faster, with less effort.

Being in the working age, working is also the age to take care of your family. You want a lot of things such as a smooth job, a happy family. Therefore, reprogramming the subconscious focuses on what you really need.

Programming your subconscious with APP RESUMIND will save you time and formulas by changing your subconscious at the best moment, the golden point of everyone’s day.

What is the best time to program the subconscious?

the golden to program the subconscious

There is a time that is considered the golden moment of each person when waking up in the morning. At that time, the subconscious is opened to the welcome of a new day, which is the best time to reprogram the subconscious.

Around 30 minutes after waking up in the morning is the best time to reprogram your subconscious. At this point, if the subconscious hears words of encouragement and immerses itself in the good images of the future, you will have the energy to be active throughout the day. Therefore, you will always have a feeling of doing everything, feeling loved and praised. At 30 minutes early in the morning, RESUMIND will help you reprogram your thinking in the positive direction of NLP. In a happy mood, you will always be ready to do everything.

Benefits of programming the unconscious by using APP RESUMIND

Save time. Just take a few moments after waking up to hear your preset messages. You can both listen and work.

Stress-free learning and memorization!

Create your best state at the moment of awakening!

Help set up positive thinking, systematize knowledge!

Increase learning efficiency and especially memorizing by 200%!

Create a powerful source of motivation for users!

Aim to dream and help a person to become aware of maturity quickly.

How to use the subconscious programming application?

Open the app on your phone from the night before

  1. Step 1: Choose when to install the subconscious. (Recommendation: should choose the time of awakening, the start of a new day)

2. Step 2: Copy the content to be installed into your subconscious mind (brain). (Recommended: content to memorize or anything positive or good)

3. Step 3: Save and wait until the preset time.

4. Step 4: Tap any on the screen and continue to relax listening for the application to emit pre-installed messages.

5. Step 5: Relax or recite the messages until they are memorizing.

How to install APP RESUMIND

We have launched the app RESUMIND subconsciously programming on the app store CH Play. Just open the app store, search for RESUMIND and then install it on your device.

Install it right here.

Through the research and development process, we have released the application software that installs subconsciously. RESUMIND is a combination of recording, note, reminder, alarm with text to Speech technology that converts text into human voice. Application reprogramming subconsciously develops oneself constantly being creative.

Programming the subconscious programming using applications on mobile phones: RESUMIND. The method helps you shorten the time, save effort, and be successful.

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