Expression of a positive thinker
Expression of a positive thinker

Two stories about positive thinking that I am about to tell could unlock your new points of view. So that, I hope you can see your life with a better different way, give you a bit motivation, even in the worst situation.

Positive Thinking, what is it actually?

Positive Thinking is the way we see a glowing light in any given situation. It does not mean that we ignore the dark, the problems we are confronting. This seems simple and yes, it is really simple. But not everyone can do this.

After all, we all want good things happen to us, but life is not that just easy. Life is, however, a sequence of unexpected things, so positive thinking is about how we absorb and react to it.

Case #1: When it rains

what is Positive Thinking?

In one hot summer day, Alex and Peter are riding their motorbikes to work as usual. It starts to rain suddenly. An unexpected heavy rain has no sign of stopping. Having no backup raincoats, they have to leave their bikes on the pavement and stay under a porch. As a result, Peter complains that this rain makes him take one hour off and lose wage for that hour. However, Alex looks so chill and even enjoys it. Peter wonder why he can be that no worried at all. Alex says:
– Don’t you see, we have our bikes washed without paying a cent. I know we lose 5$ for taking one hour off, that’s bad. But let’s think, a normal bike wash is now already 12$. So we are having a good deal, don’t you see. Plus, we don’t even need to work for that.
What an optimistic man…

Case #2: When it keeps raining

Positive Thinking in every situation
Positive Thinking in every situation

The rain is still falling down. Still, Alex and Peter cannot wait anymore, they have to go to work under the rain. Then, they both speed up. Finally, they are all wet at the office. As a result, Peter feels really annoying and groans about as if he brought a raincoat. And again, he is surprised by a very calm face of Alex. Peter asks:
– How can you be so optimistic? You are also all wet as I am, don’t you feel annoying at all?
Alex says:
– Well Peter, we all rushed to the office and get all wet from head to toes. That’s true. But the purposes of rushing to the office of us are different.
– How different? I don’t get it? – Peter says.
– You speeded up because you do not want to get wet more. So when you get wet, you will feel annoying or even a bit angry. However, I speeded up because I want to have more time to dry myself. That’s why I am glad and happy when I arrived here.


Congratulations to who read all the two stories above, I know we will have something popping up in our heads right now. Maybe it’s a lesson, a key to unlock a new aspect of your view, or a new perspective. The two short stories may answer the question why people differ in the same context. It’s the way we view the situation and the way we response it.


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