If you feel depressed and hopeless, read this article right now. Positive affirmations could change your life better and better than before.

Definition of positive affirmations

Sometimes, you see some quotes or memes on social media and they make you feel happier and more excited. That is one of the best examples of positive affirmations.

In general, positive affirmations are words or images that encourage and uplift people’s morale. They are repeated over and over to help improve the human spirit in a positive direction. These affirmations are all made up of brain language, called subconsciousness.

What is the power of positive affirmations?

I’m sure that positive affirmations could change your life better or at least you feel happier.

Here are some benefits of positive affirmations that could change your life and help you succeed in your work:

  • They can make you happier. When you see some positive confirmations that encourage you to do something, you seem to be motivated to make more effort. Furthermore, you think “Oh! I’m not alone” and feel the care of others. Happiness helps you regain your spirit.
  • They bring power to you. You repeat the affirmation “I can do it!” over and over again. And there is a power of determination that can help you get through it.
  • When you feel confident in yourself, you will be enterprising. So, you can take many opportunities and achieve success at work.
  • With these affirmations, you will feel more optimistic and creative. You know your strengths. Therefore, you can develop and improve yourself. Optimism and creativity are the keys to success.

3 formulas to get positive affirmations

Because they are made up of brain language, called subconsciousness. So, they follow 3 formulas:

  • Don’t use past or future tenses. An affirmation is always in the present such as “I’m happy”. It must be a firm affirmation. So, if you see some formulas “I will…, I used to…”, it’s not an affirmation.
  • Speak confidently. Because they make you get more powerful to do everything. Just say “I’m certain about it” instead of “I’m quite certain about it” or “I could be certain about it”. It’s a good sign that it’s exactly the affirmation you need to repeat.
  • Don’t use the negative form. The rule of these affirmations is that they mustn’t contain negative words like “cannot”.

Recommend some positive affirmations to get a better life

For your work

If you are looking to improve your job, take new opportunities, get a promotion or change a career, try these affirmations to increase your motivation.

  • I am enthusiastic and excited about the work
  • If someone else can do it, I can do it too
  • I deserve good opportunities
  • My job gives me a high salary
  • I want to get a higher promotion at work

For your life

Everyone wants to start a new day with happiness, right? So, try these positive says as follows:

  • I always wake up with happy thoughts and a smile on my face
  • I see the beauty in everything
  • What a beautiful day!
  • My life is always full of vitality
  • I cherish and live my best in every moment

For your study

Studying is also very important for children. The parents should encourage them to have good motivation to study!

  • I believe that you can do the best
  • You deserve a good score but need to try harder
  • You are a hardworking and well-educated child

Because a compliment sometimes can be a bad thing if it makes children feel satisfied with their results.

For your subconscious mind

Instead of giving some positive affirmations, I especially recommend you to try using the app REPROGRAM SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. I installed it and started putting positive affirmations under the recordings, then turned it on before I went to bed and listened while I slept. In fact, they changed my life better in a positive way.


App resumind reminds positive affirmations every day
App resumind reminds positive affirmations every day

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