Parity-check _ easier with the “Graph Math” application

Parity-check is a job that seems to be easy but sometimes quite difficult for some people. Today, I will introduce to you software that helps you to quickly and exactly draw a function graph.

1. Parity-check _ easier with the “Graph Math” application: The parity of function

  • The even function accepts the vertical axis as the axis of symmetry.
  • The odd function takes the origin of the coordinates axis as the center of symmetry.

2.Parity-check _ easier with the “Graph Math” application: Steps to consider function parity

Step 1: Find the domain of a function D

Step 2:

  • If ∀x ∈D,∀(-x) ∈ D => step 3
  • If ∀x ∈D, ∀(-x) ∉ D => the function is neither even nor odd.

Step 3:

  • If f(x)= f( -x) => The function is an even function.
  • If f(x)= -f(-x) => The function is an odd funtion.

3.Parity-check _ easier with the “Graph Math” application: How to learn simpler with Graph Math

This software is completely free on mobile phones.

Graph Math’s features are very convenient: Survey and graph function with extremely fast speed: 5 seconds, giving all the parameters of the function, …

With this application, we just need to select functions, enter parameters instead of having to perform many steps. After a “blink”, the graph appears right in front of us. It’s easy and convenient, right?.

Let’s take advantage of your study time, Graph Math will be a useful tool to help you have more comfortable moments. Hopefully, you are healthy and in a good mood for your learning to be more effective.
Thank everyone for reading my sharing!

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