This world is extremely beautiful but also very cruel. Your children in the process of adulthood, will sometimes be happy, but will also suffer from sorrow and confusion. You should tell your children the positive affirmation before they are 12 years old. If you can do that, your kids will appreciate you for life.

1. The first positive affirmation: “Baby, not everyone loves you”.

Right from the day you we were born, you started to come into contact with all kinds of people. Moreover, each person’s hobbies and personality are different. No one is the same.

Someone won’t like you because of your appearance. In contrast, there are some people don’t like you because of your achievements and abilities. There are also people hate you because your hobby is different from them

In general, you must recognize this reality.

However, this is not inherently bad. You shouldn’t deny yourself due to these factors.

You should persist in doing the right things. Try to be an honest person. By doing so, these people who will sooner or later change their attitude towards you
As for those who do not like you in the past, please respect them but do not have to be close to them, because they may not be friendly people.

2. The second positive affirmation: ” Baby, let’s say thanks as much as you can”.

Anyone who is beside you, including your parents, has no obligation to help, to look after, or to be tolerant of you.

Parents have given you this life. This has been the greatest grace for you.

positive affirmation
Teach your children to say thanks as much as they can.

Consequently, when others help you once, you definitely have to seriously thank them from the bottom of my heart. Otherwise there won’t be a second time.

When other people do not want to help you, you also do not need to resent your heart. Because remember that other people don’t have the responsibility to help you.

3. Baby, you should learn for yourself, not for your parents.

Why do parents keep urging their children to study?

Only when you have read a lot of books can you be able to discern your vision. Therefore, your eyes will not be obscured by bad intentions, your thinking will not influenced by superficial people. .

Only when you have good knowledge, can you freely choose a part of the work that you love, can you have time to do the things you like.

4. The fourth positive affirmation: “Baby, your life is very precious”.

Because you are still young, you still cannot feel the life and death.
You must know that seeing people of the same age pass away is a very painful thing. Moreover it makes people very confused. Of course, the suffering more than this is the silverhead who sees off the blue head.

teach your children to appreciate their lives.

Therefore, in the days of the most crisis, suffering, and loneliness, you have to choose steadfastly to live, not foolishly to harm myself. Your life is given to you by your parents. You have no right to throw it away.

5. The fifth affirmation: “Baby, remember to visit home often”.

As you grow older, your sky will be wider and wider. You will probably fly higher and higher, so your parents aslo feel happy.

But different from children, parents getting older day by day, parents’ sky will be smaller and smaller.

Ask your children to visit home often.

To be honest, all parents feel the contradiction in their hearts, hoping their children can fly their wings high, and hope their children can accompany them. The older you get, the more you are like that.

So, no matter how busy you will be in the future, please take the time to visit home regularly. Being able to make meals for you, prepare beds for you is also a great joy of your parents.

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