It is undeniable that online teaching and learning is the optimal choice for the education sector in the current epidemic situation. But how to have quality lessons? In addition to the interactive and effort of teachers, it requires learners to have conscious effort, as well as a culture of online learning.

1.Teachers need to have conscious effort to prepare lessons carefully.

Online teaching and learning is being carried out in many localities today due to the influence of Covid-19 epidemic. This measure aims at preventing the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of all the people.

Up to now, the Ministry of Education and Training has not set strict quality standards. It’s because we still consider online teaching a temporary measure to prevent epidemics. However, in the long term, the ministry is building a new regulation on formal university training. They will supplement regulations in the direction of allowing schools to combine online training with direct training.

Teacher should prepare carefully to offer an effective online lessons to students.

When we recognize online teaching, it means that we must take some solutions so that this form of teaching will be really effective. To create quality online lessons, teachers are always the most important factor. Teachers are the people who decide the success or failure of the teaching and learning process.

To make online learning more effective and accessible to all students, schools must increase the progress of updating online courses, interactive forums between faculty and students so that they can grasp the knowledge. In addition, the instructors will form study groups to attract students to exchange their ideas.

And the teacher is always the most important factor. Moreover, the skill of lesson planning and good classroom management is always the first requirement in exploiting educational features of information technology in teaching and training.

2. Students also need to have conscious effort to learn actively.

Also in the process of online teaching, many teachers have encountered complicated situations. These are also the limitations of this teaching method and we need to overcome them in the future. For example, when the teacher is giving a lecture, he heard dogs barking, neighbors quarreling. Therefore, the class had to stop and be quiet to listen.

Students should also make conscious effort to study online the most effectively.
Students should also make conscious effort to study online the most effectively.

Establishments using Zoom e-learning software are concerned about the security of this software. Students complain that the form of online learning has some limitations such as the learner opens an account and then leave it, doing another thing. If studying online for a long time, learners will no longer have the feeling of meeting each other and talking face to face. Therefore, they will lose the joy of going to school and class.

In addition, online learning cannot be applied to practical subjects. And the weak network connection also affects the effect of this learning method.

In order to study online effectively, it requires students to have a conscious effort to learn as well as the culture using social networks. In fact, many students still go online to study to catch up with the trend.

Consiquently, students must have a sense of self-study and initiative. This self-awareness does not stem from a fear of scolding or pressure on grades, but needs to be formed from an interest in the lecture and a desire to explore knowledge.

3. How to create the conscious effort to study online among the students?

In order to create students self-study skills, it is necessary to have active cooperation between lecturers and students. Self-study skills are not a temporary requirement during an epidemic, but rather one of the prerequisites of global and digital age citizens.

online lesson-a new form a teaching and learning in the time of Covid-19 epidemic.

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