Going through my last articles, you should have known that the subconscious mind takes an extremely important part in your life. Specifically, it controls around 95% of your daily activities. Hence, your success depends much less on the efficiency of your using your subconscious mind. As well, communicate well about it would affect your life quality! How to get access to your subconscious mind well? The answer is NLP!

What exactly is NLP?
What exactly is NLP?

What exactly is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the study of excellence, which describes how the language of our mind produces our behaviour and allows us to model excellence and to reproduce that excellent behaviour.

The NLP models state that people think and perceive things by three distinguishing NLP models: Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic. The first stage to start using NLP is to identify what is dominant in those three fields through the process.


It is basically for ones who respond best to images. Visual people understand words by recalling or constructing images in their minds. They tend to use words like “I see”, “looks good” and describe things in great detail, paint a mental picture for you with their words. They also tend to be attracted to the appearance of others in relationships.


It is obvious for those who respond best to sounds. Auditory people make decisions based largely on how things sound. They tend to say “that sounds great” or “I hear you”, and often talk or repeat to themselves to understand matters. They are highly interested in one who has a seductive and attractive tone of voice.


This model is for those who respond best to feelings. Kinesthetic people are feeling people and tend to react through a feeling mode. They get a gut emotion talking to you and may feel hot or cold after just a second. They tend to use “that really hurt me” or “I feel..”, as well are attracted to others who make them feel a certain way.

Now, you should have defined which NLP model is suitable for you in order to apply it effectively into your life.

Communicate with your subconscious mind by NLP

Most people easily identify their dominant NLP model. Actually, you use all three models on your basis but you will be dominant for only one or two. Since you have determined your main NLP model, let’s get a brief look through the simple five steps process below.

Step 1: Decide what you want to change

This step involves deciding what you wish to change in your life. For example, wish to lose weight, have an attractive body by exercising every day.

Step 2: Receive a subconscious signal

Since most of our habitual behaviors and thoughts are controlled at the subconscious level, the next step is to communicate with your subconscious your intention to achieve your new goal. Remember that you may receive messages from your less dominant thought processes. As well, it may take your time to get used to this process, especially if you have never meditated or unfamiliar with NLP techniques.

Step 3: Discover your secondary gains

During this stage of the process, your aim is to think of as many possible secondary gains as you can for the behavior that you are trying to change or replace.

Step 4: Create a new behaviour

After discovering your secondary gains, you should create a new behaviour in replace of your old behaviour. It is important to create new behaviour that is realistic.

Step 5: Identify conflicts

For the new goal and behaviors that you have created, check to see if your subconscious accepts them and if there are any secondary gains that could block you from achieving your goal.

NLP - Language of the subconscious mind
NLP – Language of the subconscious mind

What are the benefits that NLP brings to us?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help you reprogram your pattern of thoughts. Your mind is like a computer and new programs of your choice can replace old programs. A few theories of the subconscious mind suggest that this re-programming takes a minimum of 21 days provided rules of reprogramming are followed without any deviation. Whereas, NLP can make it happen for you in 30-40 minutes.

NLP provides easy tools and techniques that help you by-passing your conscious mind to install new beliefs in your subconscious. Your subconscious doesn’t question or object to anything given to it. It is like the earth, which accepts all seeds and turns them into plants. You want better health, more money, a good relationship, a growing business, a better lifestyle, or anything, you need to check your existing program and if required change it with a better one with the help of NLP.

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