Just launched in June 2019, the Voice Alarm App-RESUMIND is a tool to help everyone wake up on time. An application that helps motivated users to wake up. This is the world’s first subconscious installation application. The app helps people develop, create, and breakthrough. A human’s voice alarm sends motivational messages, dreams, and unlocks your inner potential.

The birth of the voice alarm

Due to the nature of our daily work, we always have to get up early to go to work. Whether it’s waking up to study or going to work, it’s difficult to choose a time to wake up. To help you choose a time to wake up, there’s an alarm that helps you do just this. However, a lot of people turn off their alarms and go back to sleep. The torturing thought process between sleeping or waking is always extremely arduous.

The reason is that when you wake up early, you don’t remember your work to be done. Besides, there are too many things you cannot remember or no motivation to wake up in the morning. You need a method to help you remember everything from the moment you wake up.

Features of APP: RESUMIND.

Features of RESUMIND is an alarm feature that incorporates recording, notes, and text to speech technology(convert the text into human voice.) In the morning time to wake up, voice messages will be played immediately after the alarm. These messages are set by default. However, you can also change them as you want. The built-in message promotes positive thinking. You can replace lesson content to support learning, or work content you need to do.

Create app RESUMIND to meet the needs of the following objects:

Meet personal development needs.

You need a self-development. You are looking for a tool that will always cheer you on. Congratulations! RESUMIND is an application that unlocks your inner potential. This app always sends you motivational, forward-looking messages. Besides, It helps users to quickly perceive and mature.

Students need to memorize lessons.

Students need to memorize, especially memorizing. The voice alarm will send you lesson messages. After the alarm sounds, you can listen and read it anywhere at any time. Instead of waking up and reciting your lessons, you can do well in bed now. Systematizing knowledge in the early morning increases the learning efficiency by 200%.

Change your mindset in a positive direction

You have negative beliefs, depression, or stuck with your thoughts. However, you do not have eligible to see a psychologist. In the early morning, RESUMIND will send you messages that promote the spirit to be happy to have a positive future. You will no longer worry about problems, negative thoughts.

The way to use the RESUMIND-voice alarm app:

Open the app on your phone the night before:

Step 1: Choose a time to alarm-depends on your break time.

Step 2: Copy what you need to listen to when you wake up. It could be your work schedule, lesson content, or messages that encourage you to look forward positive future.

Step 3: Save and sleep until the alarm rings.

Step 4: Tap the screen to turn off the ringtone. You can sleep more for 10 minutes while listening to the messages RESUMIND emits.

Step 5: Relax and remember the messages you are listening to.

The way to install the RESUMIND-voice alarm app:

Currently, APP RESUMIND – human voice alarm is being released on CH Play/ app Store

You can open the app store and search for RESUMIND and then install it on your device. Besides, you can also refer to the link HERE.
I wish you a successful installation.

App Resumind

Notes on using the voice alarm:

  • You need to choose a time to set the alarm the most effective( the time of early morning after waking up-the time when you start the day).
  • Should use content that encourages, looks forward to the future, work contents, or lessons, etc as long as you like.
  • If it is the lesson content, you mumble over the lesson until you memorize it.
  • If you use cheerful, forward-looking content, you should hear over and over again every day, early in the morning.

The introduction of the RESUMIND application

Through the research and experiment process, we- research team Alan Ai Voice LAB have released: the voice alarm App: RESUMIND. This is a tool that combines recording, notes, alarm with text to speech technology, converting text to the human voice. This app helps remind you of all the tasks you need to remember as soon as you wake up.

Besides, it is also an application to increase learning efficiency for you, helping to develop yourself. This is the world’s first subconscious installation application and innovative self-development application breakthrough.

Thank everyone for listening to the sharing of Alan Ai Voice LAB. We hope that our application will help you develop yourself better. If everyone has used the voice alarm application- self-development software, please give their comments so that we can develop the software in a good way. If you like it and find it useful, please help us share it with everyone.

Wish you can be successful in the study at work and life!

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