Our brain is divided into two parts: conscious and subconscious. Consciousness is what we use every day, accounting for only 10% of our thinking and energy. While the subconscious is the remaining 90%, it is likened to the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, let’s explore the mysteries of the subconscious with APP RESUMIND.

1.Subconscious and mysteries

The subconscious, which completely unlimited is the latent awareness inside every human being. It like a treasure that stores all your memories whether dramatic or fleeting. The subconscious operates from the deepest memories of which the conscious level is not aware. This is what fundamentally shapes your behaviors and personality.

For example, the lessons that you have learned, the accumulated experiences will be saved in your subconscious mind. Even though you may feel like you’ve forgotten it, it’s actually reflected in your behavior. Even the oldest memories are always somewhere in your brain. Have you ever wondered why, or have you seen this somewhere? Those are the impressive memories stored in your subconscious.

2. Limitless power

The subconscious processes thousands of information every day, in all sorts of fields. It does not care whether the value or type of the data is good or bad. Besides, the subconscious takes on the role of operating the body. When you sleep, the heart is still active, we are always breathing. There are many mysteries about the subconscious that we do not know. It will be the thread that connects us to this infinite world.

3. Install the subconscious with APP RESUMIND

RESUMIND is a self-development application on mobile phones. The application helps users improve work performance, needs to learn by heart. In particular, this is an application for those who want to develop themselves, dream big ambitions.

Pupils, students who want to memorize Math, Literature, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, etc. can copy the content into it, record it themselves or ask friends and lovers to record. Up to a “golden” period, the application will automatically emit a lesson for us to listen to. Listening to it over and over will help us remember faster and longer than ever. Therefore, let’s install this completely free app to reinvent yourself!

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